Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is Growavy?

    Growavy is a revolutionary movement and lifestyle led by people around the world who use crystals to benefit their lives on a daily basis. It is also the one and only energy art brand founded by Fortune, the Artisan of Growavy.

    Growavy’s mission is to promote personal growth and world peace through energy art. This vibrational, wearable art, crafted by Fortune, is infused with meaningful intentions to improve the most challenging areas of your life. Each design carries unique energetic benefits, and each is born with its own character to compliment your personality and style.

    To Growavy means to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and/or physically by raising your energetic vibrations. The aim of Growavy is not only to improve health, but also to make the benefits of crystal energy common knowledge, so that everyone will know which crystals to use and how to use them to benefit their lives and maintain balance and peace in this world. Click here to learn more about Growavy!

  2. How do I order an available Growavy piece?

    Click here to shop available Growavy designs! Once you have found the piece(s) you feel are right for you and/or the loved one for whom you are looking to purchase the piece, click the “Purchase” button and proceed to the checkout page. Once you have submitted your payment, please allow a 5-day processing period, after which the Growavy piece(s) you ordered will arrive in 2-3 business days if shipped to a destination within the US, and within 6-10 business days if shipped to a destination outside of the US.

  3. How do I order a custom Growavy piece?

    Click here to go to the custom order page!

  4. How do I care for/polish my Growavy pieces?

    Click here to view the recommended instructions for caring for your Growavy pieces!

  5. Why do you use copper for a lot of your pieces?

    Copper is antibacterial, so it helps to prevent illnesses as well as help you heal from illnesses that you are currently dealing with. It is also a powerful energy conductor, so it connects the energetic vibrations of your crystal(s) to your body by conducting and amplifying your crystal(s) vibrations through your skin into your internal organs. The copper also allows the positive energy of the crystal(s) to be conducted into and through the air as well, helping to energetically cleanse your environment and uplift other people around you. Because it conducts and amplifies energy, copper improves the flow of things that carry energy, like your blood and your nerves. If you are more advanced in years, wearing copper can help with arthritis and other joint pains, as well as improve the immune system by helping to regulate blood flow (especially during stressful times, when the body is thrown off of its natural cycles), and give you an extra boost of energy throughout the day. This is the main reason why you see a lot of people wearing copper. As a younger person, wearing copper is also very beneficial, as it can prevent the development of long-term illnesses later in life, as well as improve your overall health and give an extra energy boost when staying up late or working long hour days. Copper also costs less than silver and gold because it is more common and oxidizes/darkens more quickly, so it serves as the perfect metal to be used for more widely affordable Growavy designs. Plus, Fortune, the Artisan of Growavy, just loves copper - he thinks it’s cool. Click here to learn more about how Growavy pieces work.

  6. Why are Growavy pieces so expensive?

    Whether something is too expensive depends on your perspective - a phone can be $1000 but if you value it highly and feel that you need it, you will buy it. The same thing goes for Growavy pieces. Growavy pieces may not save you a whole lot of time or money, or help you to make a whole lot more money like another product you could buy with your money might (although it certainly could help you in those areas), but that is not the main purpose of a Growavy piece. You purchase a Growavy piece for emotional value (to feel better, for more energy), for your well-being, for your happiness - and you can’t put a price on that. Each design is priced in order to ensure the growth of Growavy as a business and maintain the high level of service and quality that Growavy provides. However, each piece is worth more than any amount of money, as is your health and well-being. Because a Growavy piece is an investment in your health and happiness, it deserves to be purchased for any price that is set for it. Fortune, the Artisan of Growavy, puts his heart and soul, as well as many hours of time into each Growavy piece. The personal packaging, the design and description of each piece, the professionalism of the Growavy Team - these are all held to a standard of perfection. You can’t get anything like this anywhere else. Growavy provides a premium product and a premium service for a premium price - when you get a Growavy piece, you are getting the best of the best in the market of energy art. If you feel that Growavy pieces are too expensive, they are probably not right for you. If you only feel connected to pieces that are outside of your affordable price range, feel free to contact us at There may very well be a few pieces within your budget which have yet to be officially released. In those cases, Fortune, the Artisan of Growavy, will send you informal photos of available pieces you may choose from and answer any questions about those pieces that you may have, as well as guide you through the process of ordering those pieces.

  7. What happens if my Growavy package gets stolen or lost in the mail?

    If your package is lost in the mail, what will happen next will depend on whether your piece was custom or previously available. If your piece was custom, Fortune, the Artisan of Growavy, will craft another custom design for you (at no extra cost) which will be similar to the original that you had ordered, and ship it out to you as soon as possible (usually within 1-3 weeks). You will also receive some extras in your package for the extra wait. If your piece was previously available and you ordered it through this website, you will be given the choice of having Fortune craft another similar design for you (usually within 1-3 weeks) or receiving a store credit for the total amount of your previous order. So far, no Growavy packages have been lost in the mail, and two were stolen from mailboxes after they were delivered. That was before we implemented the policy that every package will require a signature to be delivered. Since then, no packages have been stolen or lost in the mail.

  8. Can I “shop” sold pieces?

    Yes! While you can’t buy the exact piece you are looking at on the “Sold Pieces” page, sold pieces may give you ideas for a custom piece you’d like to order, and letting us know which sold pieces you like can serve as a clear reference point to craft the design for your new custom piece. If you would like to have a custom piece similar to one or multiple sold pieces, you can start your custom order here and include the names of the sold designs you like as design suggestions in your custom order details. The custom design that you receive will not be exactly the same as the one(s) you liked on the “Sold Pieces” page, but that is what makes your custom Growavy piece so great! There will be no other design exactly like it in the entire world, while it will also retain the qualities, intentions, and energy flow that you liked about the sold piece(s) you had referenced in your custom order details.