About Growavy

Growavy pieces are not for everyone. They are only for those who recognize the power of crystals.

The Different Types of Pieces

There are two main types of Growavy pieces: There are Spirit pieces and custom pieces. The difference is that, with Spirit pieces, the Jeweler did not know who the piece is meant for while it was being crafted, and with Custom Pieces, the Jeweler knew exactly who the piece was meant for while it was being crafted. In the case of a custom piece, a Wave/customer would contact the Jeweler and let them know what they want crafted, how they want it crafted and how they want it to look, with their choice of metals and crystals, and with certain intentions they would like to be infused into the design; after the payment, the Jeweler will craft the custom design and have it delivered to the Wave within 1-3 weeks.

With Spirit pieces, it’s a different story: without the directions of another person, the Jeweler is spurred by an inspiration to create a piece - this inspiration comes from his own Spirit, the same Spirit that names the designs - the Jeweler is merely a tool for the Spirit to put its thoughts and intentions into physical form. It is only after a Spirit piece is made and purchased that the Jeweler knows who the piece was for (its new owner). Whenever the Jeweler is crafting a piece, he knows that it is destined to belong to someone - in the case of a Spirit piece, the question he asks himself is: “Who?” There are two subcategories of Spirit pieces; there are Shop pieces and Gallery pieces. Shop pieces are simpler designs in pure copper and sterling silver, while Gallery pieces are more intricate designs, which are crafted in solid gold and sterling silver. When the Growavy Shop & Gallery is established in the year of 2020, in Dudley Square of Roxbury, MA, Shop Pieces will be available for purchase in the Growavy Shop on a daily and casual basis, while Gallery Pieces will be displayed and silently auctioned in the Growavy Gallery during rare invite-only events, on a more formal basis.

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Fortune, The Jeweler of Growavy