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Blog Post 7: What I Was Like Before I Started Growavy


You might be thinking, “Wow, what a prick, this guy’s taking time out of his day to write about his life and share his story with other people! I have better things to do than to read this guy’s probably inspirational life story!” In that case, you can either keep reading or not, but the Fortune train is gonna keep going!

So right, I’m gonna go backwards in time just because I like to tell stories that way sometimes. Starting when I established Growavy in 2016, I was 20 years old, I had just finished my sophomore year in college at Wesleyan University, I was majoring in German and French. I had low key always been into crystals but got into them more when I was in college, then I found out about orgonite and crystal energy and how the crystals vibrate and as soon as I got my first orgonite piece I was hooked on crystal energy and I was like “I want everyone to feel this energy.” So the summer after sophomore year I began learning how to craft orgonite and crafted it all summer, when I started Growavy, while I also was teaching myself wire wrapping later in the summer to turn orgonite pieces into jewelry as bracelets, rings, pendants, etc.

When I was 18, I was a senior boarding student at Concord Academy, a day and boarding school in Concord, MA, an hour from Boston where I grew up. I was very busy, applying to colleges, being wrestling captain, senior class president, ping pong club head and head of 4 other clubs. But to be honest, I spent most of my time in the Ceramics Studio, making pottery. That became my passion in school. I also had a computer business I ran since I was 16.

When I was 16, I was learning how to build desktop computers from scratch and I started my first business Unique Computer Design, which was a business offering custom built desktop computers. I built 5 computers and sold 4. I was learning German in high school as well. When I was 17, I won a 3 1/2 week trip to Germany through the National German Exam, with the plane and a lot of the trip being paid for by the German government, because of my high score on the test, the essays I had written to apply for the trip, and the fact that I had never been to Germany before. This was my first time leaving the States for real (went over the boarder of Canada briefly one time when I was super young, don’t really remember much besides Niagra Falls) and it was awesome, I really feel I learned a lot about efficiency and the language from the German culture, and I learned a lot about myself, being around people I had never met, seeing my actions as a reflection of my thoughts through a different perspective, so I could see more clearly, and pick and choose, the positive and negative aspects of myself that I wanted to keep or let go of.

In middle school, I loved math and science and I hated history, but then again, what young black boy wants to learn about GEORGE WASHINGTON SAILING ACROSS THE DELAWARE at 9 o clock in the morning anyway? Gimme some REAL HISTORY dammit! Or at least that’s what I was thinking in my head. Math and science were always my strengths because I found them fun, just like languages, because I see languages like math; each sentence you construct is like adding numbers which are assigned values. I feel I get my very mathematical mind from my father, who is a master carpenter, electrician, plumber - you name it, if it’s in a house or it’s a technological thing, he understands it, he can fix it, and he can build it (at least if he doesn’t know how to build it, he will find out how). Growing up, I asked my Dad for help a few times on my math homework, and then he’d help me solve that 1 problem, along with creating another 10 hypothetical problems with a similar set of rules to solve, and solving those with me (more on his own, in front of me) to make sure I understood the ideas behind solving the problem. And he’d always spend the rest of the night talking about math, and creating math problems and solving them, after I asked him for help on my math homework, after I while I learned to just do the math problems myself. I could always write well in English, I feel like I get it from my mom, who is a great speaker and writer as a performing artist and singer and dancer, and my interest and memory for history, especially once I began to learn history I connected with later in life, I feel is inherited from my mother.

When I was in 2nd grade, when I was 8 years old, my parents separated. My mom, my brother, my older sister, and I were homeless for a time, staying in shelters for about 2 years, before living with our cousins in Boston for about a year and finally finding our own place in the Roxbury area/neighborhood of Boston when I was 12. Had a lot of great and fun times with my cousins during that time living with them. From the time I was 12 until the time I was 15, I spent a lot - and I mean a lot - of my time playing World of Warcraft on my computer. Man, I thought that was the best game ever made, and to be honest, I still stand by that statement, EXCEPT with one change: chess is slightly better. I chose the Rogue and Mage classes for my 2 main characters. The Rogue was a fast, lightweight melee fighter who used daggers, the shadows, and skilled trickery to defeat opponents. The Mage was a spellcaster, who used fire and ice to freeze and burn opponents to death; other spells allowed the Mage to teleport, create doppelgangers, conjure creatures to fight alongside them, and rain down ice/create fire explosions. I most enjoyed PvP (Player vs. Player) engagements in the game, because I got satisfaction from beating other people/killing the characters of people who I knew were playing behind their screens at home, as opposed to PvE (Player vs. Environment), where you either kill monsters by yourself or gather with other people to kill monsters. PvE was cool for me but nothing got my blood flowing like some good old fashioned PvP battlegrounds, where you would see some real blood get shed, and some real wars take place. I played World of Warcraft so much it became a problem, and my grades were worse than normal (they were like Cs and Bs, I usually got As and some Bs maybe) when I was in 8th grade and my mom cut off the internet when I was in 9th grade. It was then that I got straight As, focused more on playing tennis on the tennis team after school, and was accepted to boarding school on account of an academic scholarship.

When I was a very young child, I was very focused. I’d always be trying to make something or build something with my hands, I’m told by my parents that I rarely cried, and I would study things for a long time before engaging with them. For example, having dinner at a restaurant, I wouldn’t really talk but I’d sit there for a long time staring at something on the table like a crayon, then I’d quickly grab it. I feel like that’s how I’ve always been; planning out my actions for a long time, then making a calculated strike/action. I’d try to make bows and arrows with sticks and such; I always liked archery, and I’ve always craved the satisfaction of hitting a target right in the center, you know, right on target; that’s how I feel now when I create a piece, after it’s done, I feel I’ve hit life right on target. I liked weird specific things, like keys, tomatoes, and cucumbers (I still do).

I grew up as the youngest in my family; my eldest sister is 12 years older than me, my older brother is 6 years older than me, and my older sister is 2 years older than me. So I was always the baby; I got things my way a lot of the time as the baby, but I also admired the maturity, responsibilities, and freedoms that my older siblings possessed growing up, and I will always respect and appreciate them, along with my parents, for teaching me and leading me as I grew up and continue to grow as an adult.

When I was 2 years old, my dad taught me how to play chess. I feel that’s one of the most important things that ever happened in my life, because I see life through the lens, the perspective, of chess now. So many things in chess can be related to life, I’ve come to realize it is a representation of the game of life. For example, playing the game, you learn various lessons: as long as you can fight, you can still win; when you act before you think, things can go wrong quickly; and the fact that you need to plan to win, in order to succeed in life.

My mother is black, we believe we’re part Native American based on what my mother’s mother has told us, and we don’t know where our ancestry comes from specifically in Africa but we know we’re African. My mother was born in Buffalo, NY, just like myself. My parents met in Buffalo. My father was born in Poland, lot of his family is German and his mother is half polish, so from my father I have a Polish and German lineage. Growing up, sometimes I’d call myself “mixed” when people would ask me, “What are you?” because I picked up pretty early on that being black in America wasn’t a good thing, and because I was “part white” I didn’t want to just say “I’m black” because people would be like “No you’re not you’re white too so you’re mixed, you’re not just black.” But now, as an adult, I see, being part black in America, you’re black. And even beyond that, as I speak with more people and travel, and I reflect on my experiences and see reflections of myself, I see myself as more and more of an African, a black person, a highly melanated human being. So now, when people ask, “What are you?” in relation to my cultural and ethnic background, I just say, “I’m black. My mother’s black, we believe we have Native American lineage on her side and African as well, my father is Polish and German, so I’m black, Polish, and German, but you know, I’m black.”

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Blog Post 6: Crystal Needs 3s: Relaxation & Reducing Stress

IMG_20190402_140028 (1).jpg

When someone asks about a piece and I tell them, “This one is great for reducing stress” - their eyes go WIDE open. And why is this? It’s because EVERYONE has stress, and EVERYONE could use a tool that literally scraped stress off their body.

Not only are these crystals that I’m talking about today excellent for removing stress from the body, but also removing stress from the mind - that’s really where all the stress is coming from, right? So, without further ado, in today’s Crystal Needs 3s I’m going to tell you about 3 crystals that you can use to help improve your life by REMOVING STRESS and helping you finally let yourself RELAX (and I’m gonna keep it short b/c I know the last few posts were a bit long):

  1. Amethyst (purple one in the photo): Amethyst is the #1 crystal that I suggest for reducing stress and relaxation. Why? Well, just feel it - have you ever felt a piece of Amethyst? It’s so soooooothing, and it feels like the spiritual mother of all existence is rubbing your veins with caring energy which revitalizes and relaxes your whole physical body AND mind. The color, purple, resonates with the Crown Chakra on the top of the head, and it opens that Chakra, which lets in healing spiritual energy from the universe, at the same time, you’re sending light out of the top of your head through that Chakra for the manifestation of your thoughts and goals. Carrying an Amethyst crystal in your pocket or in your bag helps a lot with reducing stress, but WEARING an Amethyst crystal, especially as a pendant while it touches your Heart, or as a bracelet so it funnels that calming energy into everything you’re doing with your hands - don’t even get me started!! Amethyst is also great for improving memory and relaxing you before you sleep so (2 years ago, I put an Amethyst crystal under my pillow in my pillowcase, I’ve been sleeping like a baby ever since).

  2. Lapis Lazuli (blue one in the photo): Not only is Lapis Lazuli great for reducing stress and relaxing, it is also very soothing for emotional healing. Lapis Lazuli is the #2 crystal that I would recommend for reducing stress, but it’s at a tie with Rose Quartz for the #1 spot for emotional healing; rather than the more spiritual Amethyst and Heart-based Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli takes a more mental, logical approach to healing and relaxation. Its dark blue hue correlates to the Third Eye (and somewhat, Throat) Chakra, so carrying it with you or holding it during meditation will GREATLY improve your ability to see the deeper meanings of life, make wiser decisions because you’ll see the outcomes of your decisions before they happen, and visualize goals while feeling the emotions you want to feel (those that you would feel when your goals are achieved) before they happen in this physical reality. So how does this relate to reducing stress? Helping you to see deeper meanings in your life, it will help reduce your stress by making you happier with the realization that “bad” or “negative” things happened in your life to make you who you are, and you wouldn’t be as strong or wise of a person today without having gone through everything you’ve been through. And making wiser decisions by seeing the outcomes of your decisions before they happen, you’ll naturally have less stress because you’re not worried about as many things: your life is together, you have your shit together, you know you’re prepared for anything that could go wrong - what is there to stress about? And with Lapis Lazuli being an emotional healer, it reduces stress by allowing you to shed the massive amounts of emotional stress you’ve been carrying due to the trauma you probably experienced in childhood or earlier in your life; and it will show you the meaning and purpose of your trauma and stress, so you learn from it, and you can teach others who have been through or are currently going through what you’ve been through, so that they don’t have to suffer from their trauma like you did, and they can learn the meaning of their trauma and stress more quickly from your knowledge as well. Now, WEARING Lapis Lazuli is just a powerhouse for relaxation, stress reduction, and emotional healing, because you can feel the neurons in your brain and the nerves in your body becoming healed and strengthened from its interactions with the high vibrations of the crystal Lapis Lazuli.

  3. Crystal Quartz (clear one in the photo): This is the best all-around crystal for any purpose related to health because it boosts the immune system and the circulation of energy throughout your body, so when you’re holding, carrying, or wearing Crystal Quartz you just feel GREAT because your body and mind are working in sync and at a higher level of health. But YO. When you PROGRAM THAT SHIT - it’s a whole nother story. When you PROGRAM Crystal Quartz (using the method provided in Blog Post #4 on Cleansing Crystals) with the intentions of reducing your stress and relaxation, it will VIBRATE that intention throughout your body and mind when you’re holding, carrying, and especially WEARING your crystal (because the metal in the jewelry will amplify your crystal’s vibrations) - it feels amazing, it feels like a spiritual fucking massage that goes through the skin, through the blood vessels, through the bones, straight to the Heart and all the internal organs - your head feels light, like your body weighs nothing - because guess what? You’re literally becoming light - your vibrations are raised, therefore you feel more like a SPIRIT and less like a body - that’s how you should feel, in my opinion - at least, that’s how I want to, and like to feel all the time with Crystal Quartz. Make sure to cleanse and re-program your Crystal Quartz on a regular basis as well (described in Blog Post #4), or at least, whenever it starts to not feel as strong or effective as when you last programmed and cleansed it.

    Thank you for tuning in for this week’s blog post - tune in next week to learn more about Growavy & crystal energy!


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Blog Post 5: How The Name “Growavy” Came About


So I’m sure you’ve wondered, “Growavy; where the hell did that name come from?” Well, it was a bit of a process.

Back in 2015, when I was in college, I was really into Android Programming - you know, making apps for Android phones. I’ve always liked technology, computers, and building stuff (I could use a computer before I could read or write my name - and I started a custom computer building business when I was 16). I took an online class for Android Programming, did some tutorials… Yeah, I made a few apps, but they weren’t really original, and I didn’t really have much fun making apps - I realized it wasn’t my true passion. Anyways, I wanted to make an Android app (and eventually iPhone app) where you could search anything and immediately you would be given a compressed informational sort of card/page on what you searched - for example, if you searched “Pomegranates,” you would see all the nutritional facts about it, how it was good for your health (what parts of the body it benefited), where it is grown and other info.

I didn’t like how so many results came up when you Google something - I wanted the information for search results to be simplified so you didn’t have to visit a bunch of different websites that came up, you could just read that 1 card, and it would save you time (supposedly).

I wanted to call that app Grow. It was like my secret little project, I didn’t tell anyone the details about it because I didn’t want them to steal my ideas, or tell them to someone else who might steal my ideas. It was my plan to benefit the world by providing this time-saving tool, and I wanted to earn money by having ads run through the app - so eventually I could have enough passive income that I wouldn’t really have to do manual labor anymore, and I could just travel the world as much as I wanted. But when I realized Android Programming wasn’t my passion, that whole dream kind of faded.

The logo (imagine this) for the app was going to be 3 green blades of grass, the leftmost being short and leaning to the left, the middle being taller and leaning to the right, and the right one being the tallest and also leaning to the right. It represented the fact that we grow when we change our perspectives, when we challenge ourselves and our comfort zones. The leaning of the first blade of grass to the left represented an “old perspective” - you’re looking into the past, or you’re looking at things the way you’ve always looked at them, so you’re not really growing. But the second blade of grass has grown because it is facing right - it’s you, and a representation of how you grow once you change your perspective. And the third blade is a representation of how you continue to grow after you learn the importance of changing your perspective. After I gave up on the app, I still wanted Grow to live on - as a business of some sort, or at least a logo.

I continuously meditated for an answer on what to do with Grow. For weeks, months, I meditated every day on this topic. Meanwhile, I was also getting into crystals, and learning about crystals, sort of as a side interest. Then when I made the determination to craft crystal art and make it my business, I thought, “I want it to have the vibe and energy of Grow, but it can’t just be Grow - it has to have something added to it, something more.” So I kept on meditating, and one day, both the words “Growise” and “Growavy” came into my mind, and I wrote them down with excitement. I thought “Growise” might fit because you grow wise when you wear crystals, and I thought “Growavy” was pretty dope because it’s like, you’re growing wavy, you’re increasing your vibrations, you’re becoming more spiritual and literally, becoming a higher spirit, when you’re wearing crystals. Then I asked some friends and family, for my crystal art business, which do you think would be a better name? One said Growise, the rest said Growavy. And then I asked my Heart, and I meditated more on it, and then I said, “Growavy it is!”

So with the logo, I wanted it to continue those ideas from Grow, with the grass growing because it changed perspectives. But now I wanted it to be more wavy, and include the ankh - the ancient symbol of life, and vibrations of life energy. So after some rough swigglies I drew, I finally refined the logo for Growavy and drew it on a piece of grid paper, which is shown in the photo at the top of this post. I wanted the logo for Growavy to represent how we go up and down, in emotion, in finances, in happiness, whatever - as the vibrations which compose this existence undulate as well. We have normal ups and downs (shown in the left of the logo, the slight bump, where the line goes up and down). But when something really bad (or seemingly bad) happens, we often seep into depression (shown in the bottom middle and right of the logo - the dip in the wavy line that goes really low). But it’s in those situations where we learn the most about ourselves, and we have to pull that strength out from inside of us to get through those hard times - and that makes us stronger, and wiser, and raises our life condition. So that’s why I wanted the wave to go up into the ankh shape after that “dip of depression” - because you only really become truly wise, happy, and grateful, after you have gone through adversity and challenges - and the logo is really meant to be a symbol of life itself, having grown from the ankh, or at least, that is my take on it. Also, the logo has a snake-like tail and worm-like shape: it represents the snake, which is an ancient symbol of discipline and strength, as the snake is the only animal that can lift itself up and sit back on itself without any limbs - it’s all inner strength - and the worm embodies the ideas of earthiness, naturalness, and vulnerability/peace, in addition to the “Growavy Green” color, chosen to fill the shape of the Growavy logo.

After I sketched the logo shown in the photo, my close friend Mahfuj and I worked tirelessly, going back and forth, to digitally render the logo: he was the Photoshop mastermind, and I was more like the guy looking over his shoulder, letting him know which angles, colors, and curves I liked. After about 10 back-and-forths, we finally created the green Growavy W logo you see now on the front of Growavy business cards. A year later, I asked my good friend Stelios from Greece for help with making the Growavy logo into an entire word as a second type of logo, and he did his thing on it, keeping the other letters with the wavy theme and situating the green W perfectly in the middle. After some small changes, I was overjoyed with the design we created together, and that is now the logo you see on the top of the Growavy website, as well as the one on the back of Growavy business cards (and the logo and name Growavy are in process for a trademark now so yeah… Ayy!!). Special shoutout to my brothers Mahfuj and Stelios for greatly contributing to the design of the Growavy logos - y’all are the best!

Thank you for tuning in for this week’s blog post - tune in next week to learn more about Growavy & crystal energy!


Growavy, Jeweler

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Blog Post 4: How to Cleanse Your Crystals


So, how do you CLEANSE your crystals? My usual answer to this question is, “There are a lot of ways to cleanse crystals, it just depends on what you like.” If you go on other websites and search “how to cleanse your crystals,” you’ll probably be told that the “best way to cleanse your crystals” is letting your crystal sit in a bed of salt or rice, or you can only cleanse your crystal once per month, under the light of the new moon, with a mugwort wand and the tail of a unicorn, while the wolf howls, or other shit like that - which is fine, but I believe it has more to do with the intention behind what you are doing than what you are physically doing.

Before getting to the act of actually cleansing the crystals, I want to talk about the structures of different crystals, which, from my experience, affect the cleansing of the crystals. From my experience, crystals which have a more solid, opaque structure are more resilient and resistant to the thoughts of others, including your own; they have more of an individualized mind of their own. These crystals, such as Carnelian, Black Tourmaline, and Lapis Lazuli, have their own defined thoughts, as do all crystals. However, they tend to hold fast to their opinions/personalities, whereas more crystalline/see-through crystals, such as Crystal Quartz, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz, are more affected by the thoughts and physical environments of those around them. For example, if you leave a Lapis Lazuli crystal on the dinner table in an abusive household, which is a negative environment, it would continue to radiate positivity, calmness, and relaxation, and it would not be affected by the stress of the household, from my experience. However, if you were to do the same with a Crystal Quartz point on the dinner table, even if it were pre-programmed to radiate positivity, joy, and happiness - and it will most definitely benefit the household for a short time - it will eventually begin to soak up any negativity leftover after a few week’s time, and begin to radiate and amplify that outward. That, in my opinion, is when the crystal needs to be cleansed: when the crystal has soaked up and is now radiating negative energy - however, I feel that this only happens with transparent crystals, like Quartz.

So first, I would start with your intention: what do you want to accomplish? Yes, you want to accomplish cleansing the crystal, but you always want to imbue it with a positive intention as well, much as you must always replace a negative habit with a positive one, or there leaves room for negativity to fill its place. From my experience, this really only applies to transparent crystals, as I don’t feel the need to really cleanse or program crystals that are opaque, since they are very stable and not emotionally swayed by their environments. A lot of the time, I start with holding the crystal, then thinking of the intention of cleansing the crystal (usually a type of Quartz) of all negative energy and intentions that have been put into it, and imbuing it with my positive intentions of strength, healing, and wealth manifestation. Then, I say out loud what my intentions are, and I speak them into existence, feeling my energy flow into the crystal as I speak: “I cleanse this crystal of all negative energy and the intentions that have been put into it, and I imbue it with my positive intentions of strength, healing, and wealth manifestation.” From that point onward, the crystal radiates and manifests that reality which was set forth into it by my intentions, because it was programmed to. The longer I keep the crystal in a more positive environment, the less often I’ll have to cleanse it, as I only feel a need to cleanse it when it starts to feel stagnant or in the more rare cases, negative, and that only happens after the crystal has been in a negative environment for a few weeks. Other ways that I often cleanse crystals is washing them in water and/or dishwashing soap, be it cold water or warm water, with the intentions of cleansing and re-programming them with my desired positive intentions, sometimes saying the intentions out loud, and sometimes only thinking them, and sending them into the crystal through the energy flowing through my arms silently. Other times, I have the crystals sit out in the sunlight: I find that the sunlight cleanses the crystals of all negative energy and imbues them with positive vibrations of healing, pure light energy, and ascension.

Thank you for tuning in for this week’s blog post - tune in next week to learn more about Growavy & crystal energy!


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Blog Post 3: Setting Up Crystal Grids


Crystal grids - we’ve heard of them, we’ve seen them, but what are they? The purpose of crystal grids is to harmonize crystals in manifesting a specific intention. It’s like in a company board meeting, where the board members come together for the purpose of moving the company forward: each crystal you set on your grid, meets on this grid to move you forward in life, in some way.

Take the crystal grid above, which I setup on a piece of paper in early 2017. You’ve got Pure Copper-wrapped Crystal Quartz in the outer ring, and alternating Carnelian and Garnet in the inner ring, with there being another Pure Copper-wrapped Crystal Quartz point in the center. When you set crystals in a sacred geometric formation such as this (Metatron’s Cube/Flower of Life), the formation acts as a blueprint for the energy to flow through the crystals in a way that they synchronize in the intention you set for them, and the formation acts like a portal which summons that which you are wishing to manifest from the spiritual realm into the physical realm. Think about it, everything you’ve ever wanted already exists, you just want it in a different form or in a different way now. You’ve always wanted that perfect someone for you - well, they’re alive, somewhere, you just have to find each other - setting that intention of finding your soul mate into your own grid will align your crystals to summon that reality into your life from the higher dimensions into this third, physical dimension. When you’re working in the higher spiritual realms of life, you’re working with the fabric of existence here, you can’t lose. Anyways, the purpose of the grid I setup in this picture was to manifest strength and determination in my life, as well as invigoration in the mind and Heart. Well, it did just that. The Garnet and Carnelian were for the intrinsic values of strength, determination and invigoration, and the Crystal Quartz points, as well as the Pure Copper around them, were aligned to hold the intentions and amplify the vibration of those intentions, shooting the energy of those intentions into lines of light connecting of the crystals and, in a sense, activating the “summoning portal” for my intentions, in order to manifest the energy of those intentions from the spiritual realm. After I setup my grid on a piece of paper in my studio with Metatron’s Cube printed on the back, the following next few days I noticed that my intentions were being manifested more and more every day - I felt stronger, more determined, and more invigorated - almost automatically, it was kinda weird, but it was cool. Sometimes when I would walk past the grid, no bullshit, I would feel like a vortex of energy coming out from it, and I would hover my hand over it, with my palm facing down, and I could feel the vortex of energy from the spiritual realm being pushed up into my hands and then into my body, into every vein - I could feel the energy of my intentions manifesting itself in every moment, in that moment, I felt and I knew, I WAS MY INTENTIONS. After I setup more grids, I became more comfortable with the feeling of the grids affecting my energy.

Now, how do you setup your grid? It could take 5 mins or 1 hour, depending on what your spirit feels you need to do. The first thing I would do is select an intention or multiple intentions you want to manifest in this realm in any given period of time, for example, this year. What would you like to accomplish this year, how do you want to feel this year, who do you want to become, what kind of life do you want to live? Take those images, those intentions of life, and put them into words, either written or spoken. Then find some crystals that support your intentions: for example, if one of your intentions is to have more money and/or establish an abundant mindset, Peridot would be a good crystal to choose; and you might want Crystal Quartz as well for amplification - I like Crystal Quartz for that purpose. You could either place the crystals around your room or space in sentimental areas to you, in the shape of a circle (which doesn’t have to be an exact, perfect circle) around the room, or on a paper with a sacred geometric design, like Metatron’s Cube, on it, aligning your crystals in a similar fashion to the diagram above (with other crystals in the inner ring and Crystal Quartz in the outer ring and center), and then say your intentions out loud. And when you say them, you have to really believe that these are the intentions you are manifesting - that they are true and they are real, as are you. This practice of setting your intention into the crystals and allowing them to be placed in this intentional formation will allow them to be much more connected and unified, and more powerful in manifesting your intention, and if you don’t notice immediately, over time you will most likely notice lines of energy passing from one crystal to the next, with the energy passing through each crystal over and over again, creating a cycle - a spiritual circle, a portal - with each line of light energy being infused with your intentions. And you will see, over time, your intentions will continue to be manifested more and more powerfully.

If you’d like to know more about the sacred geometric designs Metatron’s Cube and The Flower of Life and how they are ancient blueprints of creation, for now I would suggest googling them, however I do plan to write a Growavy blog post on those topics in the future - I’ll update this post with a link when that new post on Sacred Geometry is uploaded.

Thank you for tuning in for this week’s blog post - tune in next week to learn more about Growavy & crystal energy!


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Blog Post 2: Different Ways to Bond with Crystals


In this week’s blog post I’m going to tell you about 3 of the ways you can bond with and use crystals to benefit your daily life, including:

  • Wearing crystals

  • Carrying crystals in your pocket

  • Holding crystals during meditation

Sure, we know from last week’s blog post that wearing crystals as energy art improves your health and daily life, but how does the energy differ when different types of art are worn? Pendants have the crystal hanging right in front of the Heart, which is the center of willpower - when crystals are here, they are most powerful for improving your willpower and healing any pain in your Heart. As the hands are closely associated with manifestation since work through the hands is often the work that brings the most visible results, wearing a crystal ring on your finger(s) most affects your ability to manifest your thoughts and goals. For example, wearing an Amethyst ring helps you to manifest goals with more patience and more analytical thinking. Wearing a crystal bracelet enhances the flow of energy down the arms and out through the wrist and hands to strengthen the ability of manifestation, much like wearing a ring. However bracelets have another main purpose, in that they are for the protection of the wrist - thus, bracelets work with your subconscious mind to create a shield of protection around your physical and spiritual bodies, and the type of crystal in your bracelet changes the energy of that shield around you. For example, a Black Tourmaline bracelet would be more focused on physical and spiritual protection & strength while transmuting negative energy into positive, and Carnelian, as another example, would create a highly invigorating, and physically and emotionally protective shield around you. A Carnelian bracelet, generally, wouldn’t be as spiritually protective as, say, a Black Tourmaline or Amethyst bracelet, as those are generally much more spiritually protective crystals than Carnelian.

Carrying crystals in your pocket or bag is another great way to benefit from crystal energy. The more time you spend with the crystal or have it within your vicinity, the closer you bond with it and the more you feel its benefits. I’ve carried an Amethyst crystal in my pocket wherever I’ve gone for the past 2 years, and I can say that it’s definitely made me a lot more calm, and it has helped me to think through things instead of making impulsive decisions. Each crystal is very different when it comes to the benefits you’ll get when you carry them or put them in your bag, I would recommend checking out the crystals page when selecting the right crystal(s) to carry with you.

Another great way to bond with crystals is holding them during meditation. More than 90% of Waves (Growavy piece owners) meditate regularly - this is another reason I wanted to talk about meditation with crystals. A lot of you meditate at least once a month, but are your meditations really mind-blowing and life-changing? Mine weren’t so much, until I started meditating with crystals. One thing that really took my meditations to the next level when I first started meditating was holding crystals while I meditated. I would set an intention for that meditation, and I would choose one or multiple of my crystals to help me to visualize & manifest that intention during the meditation. Then I would either lie down or sit up, cross-legged, and hold the crystal(s) in my balled-up hand, to my Heart. I would take deep breaths with my eyes closed, and the longer I kept the crystal(s) to my Heart, the more vivid my visualizations became, and I felt like I was living in the future I was creating in my head, but the sensations were real all throughout my physical body - right then. I highly recommend Amethyst for visualization of goals if they are images you want to see, or if your goals have to do with a place you want to go to. However, if your goals are more connected to your physical body, I would recommend Citrine, and for the emotional body, I would recommend Rose Quartz or Unakite Jasper, as those are much better for creating physical and emotional sensations, respectively, when visualizing your physical and emotional goals.

Thank you for tuning in for this week’s blog post - tune in next week to learn more about Growavy & crystal energy!


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Blog Post 1: How Growavy Pieces Work


Everything is made up of energy, and energy vibrates in waves at different rates or frequencies. The frequencies of energy in our body determine our state of health. This is why consuming high vibrational foods like fruits and vegetables makes us healthier and low vibrational foods like pizza and cake worsen our health. (But who doesn’t love cake and pizza?) Wearing energy art made with high vibrational crystals and conductive metals introduces high vibrations to your biomagnetic field, also known as your “aura.” Specifically, crystal vibrations improve your health by activating your Melanin. You don’t have to be “black” to have Melanin - everyone has Melanin. In fact, every living piece of matter -  every person, every plant, every crystal, and every particle floating in the air - has Melanin. That’s right; everything that has Melanin is alive, including crystals. Crystals have eyes, ears, voices, and even personalities. Even if you smash one large crystal into smaller bits, each smaller crystal might have a different personality and vibration than the next. Likewise, two pieces of Amethyst might have been broken off from the same mother crystal, but one might vibe perfectly with a specific person, and the other might not resonate with that person at all, because the personality of the crystal may not match up with the personality of that person. However, that same crystal might also vibe perfectly with another person. This is possible because of the characteristics of the Melanin found in both the person and the crystal, just as two people might become friends easily because their personalities (or Melanin characteristics) harmonize and “vibe” with one another.

Melanin is the chemical foundation to all of life and is found in every cell of the human body; it is what connects the spiritual realm to the physical realm. Melanin is an organic semiconductor - it stores and transmits energy. Melanin conducts electrical signals as thoughts, sensations, and instructions from the brain to the cells and back to the brain. If your body is healthy on a cellular level, it is healthy as a whole, and strengthening your Melanin is the key to achieving a high level of health. A low-vibrational person who has low levels of electricity or spiritual energy flowing through their body and biomagnetic field experiences depression, a lack of purpose, and a sense of disconnection from nature. A person with a high vibration – one who has a high level of energy flowing through their body and biomagnetic field – experiences happiness, a sense of purpose, and a sense of connection with nature. A high bodily vibration is a sign of healthy Melanin, and a low vibration is a sign of unhealthy Melanin, because Melanin is the conductor of life energy (electricity). The best ways to raise the vibrations, conductivity, and health of your Melanin is to live in balance and harmony with nature: to live with love and in truth, to think high-vibrational positive thoughts, to take care of yourself, others, and the Earth, and to pursue the fulfillment of your purpose in this life. When you introduce high-vibrational energy to Melanin, it grows stronger and more conductive. This is why introducing highly vibrational crystals to your body strengthens your Melanin, and improves your health and life as a whole.

According to the scientific principle of resonance, when two vibrations meet, the lower must rise to meet the higher. If you are in a stressed or depressed state, the vibrations within the electromagnetic field of your crystal will be higher than that of your body, and the vibrations of your body will increase as a result of your interaction with the crystal. Increasing these vibrations within your biomagnetic field will also strengthen your Melanin, thus increasing the voltage of electricity flowing through your body and giving your organs more energy to function at a higher capacity. This is much like the boost of energy you experience after eating a healthy meal, because eating a healthy meal provides the same energetic effect - your Melanin grows stronger. By wearing crystals as energy art, you will feel full of energy all day long, because your crystal will continuously introduce high-vibrational energy into your biomagnetic field. In addition, the more you wear your crystal, the stronger and healthier your Melanin will be, and the more energy you will feel from your crystal because your Melanin will become attuned to your crystal and conduct the energy at a higher frequency.

Thank you for tuning in for this week’s blog post - tune in next week to learn more about Growavy & crystal energy!


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