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If you wit the Growavy movement, you wavy

If you bought or have a Growavy piece, you a Wave ~

16 Waves are customers who bought their first piece in 2016.

17 Waves bought their first piece in 2017 - and on into infinity

And so the Growave continues to grow ~



Ensure your peace of mind.



The 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee states that “if a customer is not satisfied regarding the delivered service or design(s) of Growavy within a 90-day time period after delivery, Growavy will offer a full refund, provided that the purchased design is not damaged, and the purchased design is sent back to Growavy at 6 Liberty Sq. #2301, Boston, MA, 02119.”* Growavy also guarantees punctuality: a full refund will also be issued if designs are delivered later than expected, unless a delay was caused on the part of the United States Postal Service (USPS).

The 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee applies to all purchases made on or after January 30, 2019.

The Guarantee does not apply to all sales and payments made before January 30, 2019. Sales and payments made before January 30, 2019, are final and non-refundable.

The Lifetime Warranty

The Lifetime Warranty states that “each Growavy design will maintain its structural integrity over time, and no crystal that is set in a Growavy design will fall out, provided that the design is not damaged. If the small possibility of the crystal falling out occurs, the design can be sent in for repair and returned at no cost to the customer, as long as no damage occurred to the rest of the design.”** To cover the design and provide a replacement in the case of damage to the design or loss of the design, Growavy Insurance is offered.

To provide additional peace of mind, Growavy insures all packages for the full value of the shipped design(s); if a design is lost in transport, customers will have the choice of (1) a replacement design free of charge, (2) a store credit equal to their order amount, or (3) a full refund.