The Watchful Mother Owl (Sold)

The Watchful Mother Owl (Sold)


A powerful emotional healer, Rose Quartz gently dissolves fear and resentment. Wearing Rose Quartz, you are more open to trusting and showing others your love even if you don't know them, and it intensifies existing loving relationships. It helps to fill gaps in communication in relationships, allowing you to understand and receive love the way your partner shows it especially if it differs from the way you receive love. It allows you to find more ways to more than satisfy your partner's desires and need for love. In addition, Rose Quartz encourages you to trust your heart in making decisions that are beneficial to your emotional health and career.

The Watchful Mother Owl is a large pure copper pendant with Rose Quartz imported from Brazil. This pendant is inspired by the mother who keeps a close eye on her children, and makes wise decisions for herself as well as her family.

Approximate measurements: 3.2" x 2.25" x 0.9"

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