The Storm

The Storm

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Piece Crafted by Fortune The Jeweler on August 2 of 2019

This piece is named "The Storm" because it tells the story of a storm, the chaos, and the eye of the storm, the peace within it. It mirrors life, revealing the peace within the chaotic-feeling aspects of your life. It is also to calm the nerves, and brings a subtle cooling sensation to the body and mind as it is worn. You just feel good wearing this bracelet.

Pure Copper

3x Lapis Lazuli imported from Brazil

Spirit Flame Aka "The Calm Mind & Spirit" Enchantment (Third Eye & Crown) - boosts the channeling of spiritual energy throughout the body to manifest desires with calmness, per spellcast, has a 15% chance of being triggered, inflaming the body in confidence-infused blue flames, increasing spellcasting speed by 15% for 15 seconds

Approximate Dimensions: (Adjustable) Optimal fit 6.5” in circumference, can expand to fit 9" wrist circumference


Lvl 47

+10 Defense

+10 Stamina

+15 Resillience

+30 Mana Regeneration

+30 Intellect

Payment plans available. Email or dm @growavy on IG to setup your payment plan.

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