The Runt

The Runt


Crafted by Fortune The Jeweler

This piece is named "The Runt." Everyone knows and loves the underdog. Whether a family member or team you follow the underdog story is captivating. For some reason the rags to riches story thrills people. This piece pays homage to those determined enough to push through. A smaller stubby piece this Snowflake Obsidian is perfectly plopped down and wrapped in copper to last a lifetime.

Pure Copper

Snowflake Obsidian imported from Brazil

Approximate Dimensions - 1.5" x 0.6" x 0.6"


Lvl 20

this stone/gem has properties that

add Stamina

add Balance

add Honor

add Power

add Resilience

to ones spirit

Spiritual Healing

Snowflake Obsidian is formed by the rapid cooling of lava. An elegant process that created the sharpest of arrowheads by adept hunters. The material itself is a grounding type, similar to a close friend you can count on. This crystal comforts the wearer and teaches balance between the good and bad in life. If ever off center this piece serves as your anchor back to base.

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