Pure Copper U-Chain Bracelet

Pure Copper U-Chain Bracelet

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Crafted by Fortune The Jeweler in July of 2019

This piece is a U-Chain Bracelet made to increase a man's strength. It is imbued with the energy of strength, and has an aggressive, masculine look. It is custom made to fit its wearer's wrist. Fit for a warrior.

Pure Copper

Berserker Enchantment (Third Eye) - allows wearer to fight with more vigor, and energy boosts while fighting when the energy boost is most needed, boosting Strength by an additional +15 and surrounding the wearer in empowering flames for 30 seconds

Approximate Dimensions: 0.5-0.75” in width, 0.08” in metal thickness, 6.5” in length (links added or removed to fit wearer’s wrist - please include wrist circumference in Details section at Checkout)


Lvl 20

+20 Stamina

+50 Strength

Payment plans available. Email growavy@growavy.com or dm @growavy on IG to setup your payment plan.

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