Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean


Crafted by Fortune The Jeweler

This piece, named "Mr. Clean," is a simple piece for hard workers. Tucked tightly by six coils of copper this piece is sure to keep calm under pressure. A work of art for an enthusiast that doesn't need much flash but still wants to make a statement. The wearer says I'll let my work speak for itself when wearing this piece.

Pure Copper

African Jade imported from South Africa

Approximate Dimensions - 1.5" x 0.6" x 0.6"


Lvl 30

this stone/gem has properties that

add Confidence and Awareness

add Wisdom/ Intelligence

add Power

add Resilience

to ones spirit

Spiritual Healing

Jade is a very heart centered crystal great for emotional healing and relief. A calming crystal that builds confidence and aids in wise decision making. Used as a spiritually protective crystal in many Asian countries and is held in high regards as it reflects the inner beauty and virtues of its wearer.

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