House of the Oracle

House of the Oracle


Crafted by Fortune The Jeweler

This piece is "House of the Oracle," made to be an embodiment of the idea of the House of an Oracle. In this tower lives the Oracle, who sees the future, and uses their gift to help others make wise decisions, and to help themselves make wiser decisions. The crystal is like the eye of the oracle, the Third Eye which sees the spiritual realm; it is also apart of the tower; the tower, the House of the Oracle, has a large eye watching from it.

Pure Copper

Citrine imported from Brazil

Third Eye Vision Enchantment (Third Eye) - helps wearer to look into the future to see events play out in their head before they happen

Approximate Dimensions: 2” x 0.75” x 0.6”


Lvl 35

+5 Drive

+10 Intellect

+30 Wisdom

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