Big Ben

Big Ben


Crafted by Fortune The Jeweler

This piece, named "Big Ben," is a ring made to make one feel invincible - not surprising, seeing that it is made with Diamond, the Stone of Invincibility. Its purpose is to uplift its wearer, both in Heart and in Mind.

It is named after the big clock in London. The ring itself is a clock, in the northern quadrant you have the 2mm SI Diamond, powering the clock, in the western you have the Growavy mark, symbolizing grounding and family, in the southern quadrant you have the scratch which symbolizes beauty in imperfection, and in the eastern quadrant you have the hidden solder joint, which keeps the ring solid together, joining the ends of the copper wire that was bent to make it, transforming the metal into a solid piece, symbolizing the hidden glue that binds together all existence. These ideas and sort of entities rotate through the clock in a counter-clockwise fashion and order, over and over again, creating a flow of energy, a ring of highly energetic light, around the finger which can be felt when wearing it.

Pure Copper

Size 8

2mm SI White Diamond imported from South Africa


Lvl 48

+10 Agility

+15 Strength

+20 Vitality/Stamina

+20 Healing/Energy Regeneration

+30 Intellect

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