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Survey Reviews

  1. How was your last Growavy order experience? (Please use the slider from 1 to 100 to indicate how you feel about your last order. 0 = I’m dissatisfied. 50 = I’m fairly satisifed. 100 = I’m beyond satisfied!)

    Average Answer: 97 (I’m beyond satisfied!)

  2. What do you value about Growavy?

    The artisan is very personable. - Czarr F. (11/1/18)

    Uniquely beautiful, handmade, copper, informative use of crystals and shapes!! - Angela C. (10/17/18)

    Quality product - Leslie B.J. (10/15/18)

    The energy and love put into each piece. Fortune is just a lovely individual - Briana G. (10/15/18)

    Educational - Ryszard B. (10/15/18)

    Owner and product - Romaine H. (10/15/18)

    The designs are beautiful!! I also enjoy the more personal connections. - Justin R. (10/14/18)

    I value that it's personal and intentional art - Anonymous (10/13/18)

    I value the intimacy of each crafted piece and the professionalism. It is always a pleasure interracting with Fortune and purchasing/supporting Growavy products. - Alexis W. (10/11/18)

    What I value about Growavy is the attention that Fortune gives to each piece, whether it’s a custom or not, and each customer. - Max K. (10/11/18)

    The quality of his work - Natalia L. (10/11/18)

    Unique style, one of a kind piece - Mélisse K. (10/10/18)

    The quality and originality of each piece. - Luis B. (10/9/18)

    The designs are so unique! I love that each piece has a very detailed description of what is to be expected. - Martell C. (10/9/18)

    The ability to custom - Ming H. (10/8/18)

    The quality of service and everything crafted to my specifications. - Larry O. (10/8/18)

    hand made, black owned - Tariq M. (10/8/18)

    The genuine customer service - Darian B. (10/8/18)

    The product being hand made - Milicia H. (10/8/18)

    The protection and energy I got - Sinae H. (10/6/18)

    the personal, excellent labor put into the individual pieces - Corin L. (9/24/18)

    I love the stones and the creativity of the casting - Luciana D. (9/24/18)

    The entire experience is so personal. Fortune will always go above and beyond while working with you. Every piece he creates is also so personal. Whether you have a piece custom made or if you chose from one of the pieces that Fortune has already made, your new piece will be perfect for you and will match your energy. - Danny C. (9/23/18)

    The great customer service and the uniqueness and quality of the products. - Derraniece T. (9/23/18)

    The ability to interact with the artisan,ability to share ideas, views, ability to create custom work and the positive engagement in dialogue with the artisan - Jon P. (9/22/18)

    the spiritual connectedness with customer wants and needs - Helen N. (9/21/18)

    The care behind the artistry. - Giselle L. (9/21/18)

    hospitality - Kenny S. (9/21/18)

    Detail of every piece - Guissel M. (9/21/18)

    I value the style, creativity and integrity of the products. - Persephone H. (9/21/18)

    the creations are beautiful and unique. the energy of the piece I purchased is palatable. the artist is proud and humble; so genuine in the way Fortune engages you. I also like to support local artists and appreciate that a young black man is able to share his talents and make some well deserved money in the process. - Janet C. (9/21/18)

    The personal connection - Krista P. (9/21/18)

    Uniqueness - Kei H. (9/21/18)

    The personal attention you give every piece - Regina J. (9/20/18)

  3. How likely are you to recommend Growavy to a friend or family member? (Please use the slider from 1 to 100 to indicate probability.)

    Average Answer: 97 (%)

  4. How likely are you to purchase another Growavy design? (Please use the slider from 1 to 100 to indicate probability.)

    Average Answer: 91 (%)

  5. How do you feel about Growavy? (Please use the slider to indicate your sense of Growavy. 0 = Hate it. 100 = Love it!)

    Average Answer: 98 (Love it!)

  6. Do you have any ideas as to how Growavy can improve its service?

    I think everything you do is fantastic. - Czarr F. (11/1/18)

    Just keep doing what your doing! - Angela C. (10/17/18)

    Stay consistent - Leslie B.J. (10/15/18)

    Maybe have specials every so often on multiple pieces or make packages. - Briana G. (10/15/18)

    Go pure gold as future investment - Ryszard B. (10/15/18)

    More designs in silver/gold - Justin R. (10/14/18)

    I think it would be cool to see a sample design to custom design process in the custom design section. I’ve never designed a piece before or even done a raw sketch. I would be curious to see how other customers approach that situation and how the final piece resembled or changed from the sketching stage. The reason I think this would be helpful to Growwavy customers is it would make the custom design process seem more approachable. - Max K. (10/11/18)

    offer workshops - Natalia L. (10/11/18)

    Just keep being you - Mélisse K. (10/10/18)

    Not at the moment. It’s really great! - Luis B. (10/9/18)

    I like the improvements as is - Ming H. (10/8/18)

    The service is amazing. I have no complaints. - Larry O. (10/8/18)

    No ideas because I believe it's functioning perfect - Darian B. (10/8/18)

    No, I really like the hand written note it was more genuine than the typically thank you cards - Milicia H. (10/8/18)

    Fortune is doing an Excellent job already - Corin L. (9/24/18)

    Fortune is always taking Growavy to the next level. Keep up the great work and keep evolving naturally. Your work is amazing. - Danny C. (9/23/18)

    Keep positively being able to cater to those who'd like custom work,share info about crystals - Jon P. (9/22/18)

    use more sacred geometric symbols and enclose as orgones - Helen N (9/21/18)

    I purchased only once and didn't have any problem doing it so no idea. - Kenny S. (9/21/18)

    No... service is great! - Persephone H. (9/21/18)

    I found the service and your willingness to meet in person convenient and just great. - Janet C. (9/21/18)

    I think the service is excellent. I also believe that beginning to show jewelry being made on social media is genius. - Joy B. (9/21/18)

  7. Do you have any comments or questions that you would like to add?

    You’re an amazing and young business owner. You should continue doing what you do and building the way you have. - Czarr F. (11/1/18)

    Proud of you❤❤❤ - Angela C. (10/17/18)

    Love life - Leslie B.J. (10/15/18)

    Keep up good work - Ryszard B. (10/15/18)

    You are doing amazing. - Natalia L. (10/11/18)

    I love my custom pieces ! - Martell C. (10/9/18)

    I Love my peices - Corin L. (9/24/18)

    You are changing the world fam! The world needs this love. - Danny C. (9/23/18)

    I couldn't have had a better experience. - Derraniece T. (9/23/18)
    Keep being positive and remaining you, without any holds bar. - Jon P. (9/22/18)

    Blessings always - Helen N (9/21/18)

    I love the auctions! - Guissel M. (9/21/18)

    Thanks for doing such meaningful work. I get compliments every time I wear your pieces. - Persephone H. (9/21/18)

    Keep on creating!! Your talent is remarkable! - Janet C. (9/21/18)

    I loved everything about my necklace including the packaging and letter describing my purchase. - Joy B. (9/21/18)

    Keep up the great work! - Kei H. (9/21/18)

    Fortune rocks! - Matt S. (9/19/18)


Reviews w/ Photos


"Thank you! I absolutely love it I've been wearing it since you sent it :) I feel very calm and focused." - Aubrey, September 28, 2017


"Feeling powerful after putting this on for the first time. Had an extremely long day but immediately feeling more relaxed and grounded." - Zachary, September 18, 2017

"I have met few artists who put their whole heart and soul into their work. Fortune is at the top of the list. I love wearing his pieces because not only is the workmanship on point, his spirit flows throughout every piece. Fortune made a custom piece as a birthday gift that speaks to the essence of all I love. It was packaged perfectly and arrived as he promised. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!" - Persephone, September 15, 2017

"Finally got to my mailbox to grab it. It looks amazing, great work. Thanks for all the extras. The Royal Crown does sound fitting. It definitely has a charge type feeling when I wear it. Thanks again for making this piece and infusing it with my intentions. Look forward to seeing how it'll help in the coming months. Thank you!" - Ming, August 19, 2017

"I just wanted to show you some appreciation for that impeccable piece; You truly are a master artisan, I'm still in awe at how detailed the ring is and yet still simple THANK YOU️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ BLESSINGS AND ALL LOVE ALWAYS! Extremely Satisfied Customer - 10/10 - Also perfect fit :)" - Leslie, June 2, 2017

"The energy was amazing! I felt it before it came out the bag! I saw the other crystals you sent with it and I thank you!" - Richard, May 3, 2017

"Received my ring, changing out of silver to copper! So pretty! Big Thank u! Packaging was right on point, saving everything! ⚘" - Angela, April 26, 2017


Customer Photos