The Half-Heart / The Song of the Broken Heart (Sold)

The Half-Heart / The Song of the Broken Heart (Sold)


Agate is a banded type of Chalcedony - a mineral of the Quartz family - which forms in nearly every color the earth can produce. For millennia It has been used as a low-intensity grounding crystal, helping the body to regain strength from illness. It promotes optimism and opens your thought processes by removing mental blocks caused by trauma and doubt. Pink Agate in particular is known for encouraging unconditional love toward yourself and others.

The Half-Heart, a.k.a. The Song of the Broken Heart, is a large pure copper pendant with Pink Agate imported from Brazil. This pendant is an embodiment of the feeling of missing someone - really missing them - where you feel that when they are gone, you are missing a part of yourself. From the front side, the left part with the Pink Agate represents the vitality of the Heart - it still beats even though you miss this person - and the right side of the pendant is a void - the emptiness that is felt. The intricacy of the staff in the center is a representation of the intricacy of life - in that even when you miss this person, you still have to take care of a lot of things and can’t spend all day worrying about them. The overall shape of this pendant is the treble clef - a musical symbol - to state that this pendant is playing a song, a song of sadness and loneliness, but also of strength and love.

Approximate measurements: 3.2" x 1.4" x 0.7"

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