The Garlic Shaman (Sold)

The Garlic Shaman (Sold)


Labradorite has a vibration that is both spiritually grounding to dispel fear and strengthen faith in yourself, while also being spiritually elevating, inspiring creativity and personal drive. Physically, it helps to regulate metabolism and balance hormones and blood pressure.

Blue Sapphire carries a cool vibration, like a cool breeze on a tropical beach. Known as The Wisdom Stone, it aids the truth-seeker in finding the answers they are searching for. Its cooling sensation is very calming and allows the mind to focus on completing specific tasks for prolonged periods of time. It stiimulates the thyroid gland, facilitating self-expression through words and art. It also aids in repairing damaged or altered DNA. Its eye-healing properties are more needed than ever in today's society with everyone staring at harmful phone, computer, and TV screens. Its eye-healing properties also ensure you always get a good night's rest and have an easy wake-up in the morning.

Garnet cleanses and re-energises the body, balancing serenity and passion. It inspires love and devotion, balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony. Its vibrations awaken courage and hope during tough times. It helps you to remove the limits you place on yourself and sharpens perceptions of yourself and others. Garnet is a strong booster of self confidence. Physically, it regenerates the body and increases your rate of metabolism.  It is helpful in treating dis-ease of the spine, spinal fluid, bones, and cancerous cells. Garnet also aids the body in detoxifying the blood.

The Garlic Shaman is a midsize pure copper pendant with Labradorite imported from Brazil, Blue Sapphire imported from Sri Lanka, and Garnet imported from Brazil. This pendant is inspired by a certain type of shaman. A shaman is a spiritual leader and/or healer in a community, and shamans are found in cultures all around the world. There are many types of shamans; some are fire shamans, and they work with fire, some are water shamans, and they work with water. This pendant is an embodiment of the garlic shaman, who uses garlic in many different ways to heal and elevate their people. This pendant is both the body of the garlic shaman, as well as the spirit of the garlic: the top of the pendant is the head and neck of the shaman, and the crystals compose the decorated traditional garb that the shaman is wearing. The crystals are also set in a way to be the cloves of the overall garlic shape. The backside of the pendant is a close-up of the face of the shaman as well as the face of the spirit of the garlic, which is serious but also jokey at times.

Approximate measurements: 2.2" x 1.4" x 0.8"

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