The Elder Penguin (Sold)

The Elder Penguin (Sold)


Labradorite has a vibration that is both spiritually grounding to dispel fear and strengthen faith in yourself, while also being spiritually elevating, inspiring creativity and personal drive. Physically, it helps to regulate metabolism and balance hormones and blood pressure.

The Elder Penguin is a midsize pure copper pendant with Labradorite imported from Brazil. The penguin in this pendant has a swirl on its chest to distinguish that it is an elder, and that it has opened its chakras, or energy centers. It stands with its left wing slightly open and gesturing toward something, as if it is standing by a portal it just conjured with the energy from its chest, saying, “I know the way - come with me.” Featuring rare purple and orange flashes, the Labradorite in this pendant is truly one of a kind.

Approximate measurements: 3.2" x 1.3" x 0.45"

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