The Dark Forest Kontomble (Sold)

The Dark Forest Kontomble (Sold)


Malachite specializes in opening the heart. Its gentle vibration of divine love aids in healing emotional trauma and brings a mentally soothing effect, especially during stressful times. It strengthens loyalty and honesty in relationships. It strengthens your drive to take action and make changes in your life where required. Physically, it strengthens the heart to better circulate blood throughout our body, healing internal organs and ensuring a consistent, restful sleep. Those possessing Malachite feel untouchable, while it strengthens your auric field, protecting you from negative thoughts and entities. 

The Dark Forest Kontomble is a large pure copper pyramid pendant with fibrous Malachite imported from South Africa. A Kontomble is a being often spoke of in indigenous African cultures, embodying an ancestor often in the form of an animal or miniature person. This pendant is an embodiment of the Kontomble which lives in the dark forest, and if you look closely toward the middle-top of the pendant, it has two eyes and a happy smile. This pendant is for when you are in the "dark forest" of life - times of depression and perhaps grief. Holding or wearing this pendant, it is as if a cute little being ran up to you and smiled, and inside you get the feeling that everything will be okay, and the purpose of this pendant is to help you find the strength to move on from life's struggles, and to remind you that as long as you are breathing, you deserve to live happily and enjoy your life on your terms.

Approximate measurements: 3" x 1.5" x 1.4"

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