Sun Scarab (Sold)

Sun Scarab (Sold)


Tiger Eye was used in Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) statues as a representation of the divine vision and protection of Ra - the Sun, and universal energy. It is often used as a protective crystal for depression, as it dismantles fear and fills the heart with courage. It promotes independence and self-confidence. Tiger Eye relates spirit to every action taken in our world, stimulating your ability to manifest your most passionate desires. It aids the body in bringing healing and strengthening energy to the reproductive organs, the throat, and the eyes.

Sun Scarab is a midsize pure copper and 14k yellow gold fill pendant with Tiger Eye imported from Brazil. This pendant is inspired by Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) art and the ancient symbology of the scarab, which represented rebirth and self-creation. The scarab does not have sex to reproduce, it is asexual - it at the point in its life where it is time for it to bear offspring, it rolls up a ball of dung and lays its egg in it. Shortly after, the egg hatches and the new scarab crawls out. This pendant, as well as the ancient symbol of the scarab, represents that we have the ability to be the creators of our own lives, and that we re-create ourselves each day. Just because you did something against yourself yesterday does not mean that you have to do it today, it dictates that we are a new person every day and every moment, and we can positively alter the course of our lives with each intentional action that we take.

Approximate measurements: 3.2" x 1.85" x 0.8"

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