Pride Rock (Sold)

Pride Rock (Sold)


Known as the Master Crystal, Crystal Quartz amplifies the vibrations of nearby crystals. This crystal is the easiest to mentally program with intentions and information: simply hold it in your hand, say to yourself in your head, "I love you," and the crystal will communicate that message to all it comes in contact with. When Crystal Quartz is infused with the intention of achieving a goal, it will keep your mind on your goal, and away from distractions, until your goal has been achieved. Crystal Quartz promotes harmony within the internal organs, constantly realigning our biological clock or Circadian Rhythm, which is why its vibrations are used to make crystal oscillators, which are used to keep track of time in watches and stabilize frequencies in radios, computers, and cellphones. 

Pride Rock is a pure copper ring with Crystal Quartz imported from Brazil. It may also be worn as a pendant. This design is inspired by the shape of the cliff called "Pride Rock," upon which Rafiki holds Simba after his birth in Disney's "The Lion King."

Size 11.75

Approximate measurements: 1.3" x 1.3" x 1"

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