Ma'at Heru (Sold)

Ma'at Heru (Sold)


Amethyst is known as the Dream Crystal because of its ability to quickly soothe the mind into a sound sleep. It opens the Third Eye, brings intense spiritual and mental growth, and promotes inner peace and tranquility wherever you are. If you want to break an addictive habit, this is the crystal for you. In fact, its name comes from the ancient Greek word "amethustos", meaning "sober," because drinking Amethyst water helped to beat addictions. The high vibration of Amethyst elevates the mind, allowing a clearer visualization of soon-to-be realized goals. Connecting you to your Higher Self, it inspires perseverance and strengthens your sense of purpose. 

Ma'at Heru is a large pure copper and 14k rose gold fill ankh pendant with Amethyst imported from Brazil. The feather of Ma'at appears in the staff of the ankh. Ma'at is the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) goddess of truth, divine law, order, and reciprocity. On the walls of the pyramids, the heart is shown to be weighed against the feather of Ma'at on the scale of justice. If the heart is weighed down by guilt or lies, one cannot progress in life. If one's heart is light as a feather, meaning that they live true to themselves and are sincere in their intentions, they will be permitted to enter the Hall of Maati (Heaven) - a higher plane of existence than this physical realm.

Approximate measurements: 4" x 2" x 0.6"

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