The Immortal Fire Ankh (Sold)

The Immortal Fire Ankh (Sold)


Lemurian Seed Quartz is believed to have been programmed with ancestral knowledge by the ancient Lemurians. Personal testimonies reveal that by rubbing your finger over the grooves of a raw Lemurian Seed Quartz point or feeling its vibration through a conductor (i.e. gold), you could often receive bursts of ancestral knowledge that is immediately applicable to benefit your life. In addition to improving sleep cycles and enhancing your senses, it improves mental clarity, as well as aids in forging an unshakable spirit in daily life. Its deeply loving vibration soothes even the most jaded individuals, and using this crystal, many people have experienced powerful emotional healing.

The Immortal Fire Ankh is a middle-large size pure copper-wrapped orgonite ankh pendant with Lemurian Seed Quartz imported from Brazil, polyester resin, iron, 13 crystal dusts imported from Brazil (Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Carnelian, Tiger Eye, Chalcopyrite, Amazonite, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Girasol Quartz, and Selenite), and dust of Shungite imported from Russia. This pendant includes a custom crafted Infinity Chain in pure copper.

This piece is #10 of the 12 Growavy 25th Dynasty Ancient Kemetic/Egyptian Ankh Designs, scaled to the exact ratios of 25th Dynasty ankh artifacts found in museums featuring the Was Scepter and Djed Pillar. It is named The Immortal Fire Ankh because it is virtually indestructible and is thus immortal (when dropped, it will be protected by copper from all angles). It also holds the name of Immortal because it represents the undying fire that lies in the heart of someone who is truly passionate about what they do - the person whose heart is drawn to wearing this pendant.

Approximate measurements: 3.5" x 1.2" x 1"

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