Dream World

Dream World


Amethyst is known as the Dream Crystal because of its ability to quickly soothe the mind into a sound sleep. It opens the Third Eye, brings intense spiritual and mental growth, and promotes inner peace and tranquility wherever you are. If you want to break an addictive habit, this is the crystal for you. In fact, its name comes from the ancient Greek word "amethustos", meaning "sober," because drinking Amethyst water helped to beat addictions. The high vibration of Amethyst elevates the mind, allowing a clearer visualization of soon-to-be realized goals. Connecting you to your Higher Self, it inspires perseverance and strengthens your sense of purpose.

Dream World is a pure copper ring with polished Amethyst imported from Brazil. This design may also be worn as a pendant. The clarity and wispiness of the Amethyst in this ring, as well as the intricate and swirly structures in this design, are depictive of the spiritual realm - the dream world - where thoughts can be manifested into objects and occurences instantaneously. The purpose of this design is to help its wearer connect more closely to the spiritual/dream realm, remember their dreams, and manifest their dreams on this earthly plane. This ring includes a pure copper (3.2 mm) chain. Please include your desired chain length (18"-30") in the details section at checkout. Sizing is as follows: 18" XS, 20" S, 24" M, 28" L, 30" XL.

Size 9.5

Approximate measurements: 1.4" x 1" x 0.9"

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