Calm Warrior (Sold)

Calm Warrior (Sold)


Obsidian is a volcanic crystal with a lower vibration, which helps its wearer to establish a stronger connection to Mother Earth. It is excellent for transmuting negative energy into positive energy. It has a calm and soothing vibration which helps to gently remove emotional blockages. Holding or wearing Snowflake Obsidian often makes isolation empowering as it helps you to get to know yourself and realize your true powers. It teaches the importance of valuing mistakes as well as successes. It is helpful in eliminating stress, both physical and mental. It is also helpful in developing physical strength, detoxifying the blood, improving circulation, and healing wounds.

Calm Warrior is a large pure copper ankh pendant with Snowflake Obsidian imported from Argentina. The purpose of this pendant is to bring out the calm warrior nature in its wearer - the sense of being patient and determined, being vigilant, and seizing opportunities when they present themselves to us.

Approximate measurements: 4" x 1.25" x 0.5"

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