Blueprint (Sold)

Blueprint (Sold)


Angelite is named after the heavenly feeling that one feels when they hold or wear it. It is highly effective in reducing stress by helping the mind prioritize completing one task at a time, promoting mindfulness and awareness. It is also helpful in relieving stress from public speaking and social anxiety, as it brings power to the voice and gives one more confidence when speaking.

Black Obisidian is a very sharp volcanic glass that was often fashioned into arrowheads and ax blades in ancient times. Obsidian heightens the ability to accurately foresee and diagnose disease, and prompting its wearer to take prophylactic action. It draws off negativity and strengthens the conscious will. Taking its wearer deep into their subconscious mind, it helps one to see their true self and the reasons behind their actions. It is helpful in the development of physical strength and improves recovery from physical injuries.

Blueprint is a midsize pure copper Metatron's Cube pendant with Angelite imported from Peru and Black Obsidian imported from Argentina. Metatron's Cube is the blueprint and building block all of life, including all matter, music, and thought, which stems from the Flower of Life - the blueprint of the expansion of consciousness.

Approximate measurements: 2.4" x 2" x 0.3"

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