Volcano (Sold)

Volcano (Sold)


Jasper is a relaxing crystal which soothes both emotional and physical stress. It aids in weight loss and inspires creativity. It is known to improve self-discipline, lucid dreaming, and REM cycles for a rejuvenating sleep. Red Jasper in particular is a powerful aid to building and repairing muscles after exercise.

Carnelian increases flow of energy throughout the body via the blood, especially for muscle growth and illness healing purposes. It also enhances creativity and sexual energy, boosts motivation, and aids in moving forward on a new life path. Carnelian embodies the idea of "living in the moment."

Labradorite has a vibration that is both spiritually grounding to dispel fear and strengthen faith in yourself, while also being spiritually elevating, inspiring creativity and personal drive. Physically, it helps to regulate metabolism and balance hormones and blood pressure.

Garnet cleanses and re-energises the body, balancing serenity and passion. It inspires love and devotion, balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony. Its vibrations awaken courage and hope during tough times. It helps you to remove the limits you place on yourself and sharpens perceptions of yourself and others. Garnet is a strong booster of self confidence. Physically, it regenerates the body and increases your rate of metabolism.  It is helpful in treating dis-ease of the spine, spinal fluid, bones, and cancerous cells. Garnet also aids the body in detoxifying the blood. Spessartite Garnet in particular is known to strengthen one’s willpower and aid one in developing their passions.

Protrusion is a locking cuff bracelet in pure copper and 14k yellow gold fill with one Red Jasper double-sided cabochon, five Carnelian crystals, and two Labradorite crystals imported from Brazil, as well as a Spessartite Garnet imported from Tanzania. This bracelet is for the person who is wishing to carry an explosive energy.

Custom fitted to a wrist with the circumference of 7-7.5”

This design has been purchased. If you are interested in ordering a similar design to be custom crafted, please email growavy@growavy.com.

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