Tribal Staff

Tribal Staff


Lapis Lazuli is often known as the Truth Stone, as it encourages you to live truthfully in all aspects of your life, and aids in the translation of complex thoughts/emotions into accurate wording. It quells stage fright and builds confidence in public speaking. Activating the Third Eye, it enhances mental clarity, self-awareness, and psychic abilities. It is also a very strong emotional healer, rejuvenating the emotional body with positive energy after traumatic events, no matter how distant they occurred in the past. 

Tribal Staff is a large pure copper pendant with Lapis Lazuli imported from Brazil. This pendant functions as the Was Scepter. The Was Scepter, representing spiritual, mental and physical power, is the staff running through the center of the this pendant, and the dual-pronged bottom of the Was Scepter represents the dipole electrical current (electrical power) as well as the duality of all powers. This pendant, as any Was Scepter, is used to collect, conduct, and manifest power. This pendant includes a pure copper (3.2 mm) chain. Please include your desired chain length (18"-30") in the details section at checkout. Sizing is as follows: 18" XS, 20" S, 24" M, 28" L, 30" XL.

Approximate measurements: 4.9" x 0.85" x 0.75"

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