The Shaman Teepee (Sold)

The Shaman Teepee (Sold)


Labradorite has a vibration that is both spiritually grounding to dispel fear and strengthen faith in yourself, while also being spiritually elevating, inspiring creativity and personal drive. Physically, it helps to regulate metabolism and balance hormones and blood pressure.

The Shaman Teepee is a midsize pure copper pendant featuring a subtle yet flashy Labradorite imported from Brazil. This pendant is inspired by the energy of a shaman. A shaman is a spiritual leader and/or healer in a community, and shamans are found in cultures all around the world. There are many types of shamans; some are fire shamans, and they work with fire, some are water shamans, and they work with water. When worn one way (shown in the first photo), the swirl covering the center of the Labradorite crystal is the eye of the piece, which is like the eye of the shaman, looking into your soul and revealing truths about yourself you may not have even known, and showing you the way to live your life in truth with yourself. This pendant is also inspired by the ancient pyramids found all over the world (which were used as batteries, energy conductors, and in some cases, houses, and symbolized spiritual growth), as well as the pyramidal shape of Native American teepees. When worn another way (shown in the third photo), it is clear that the teepee is the house of the shaman (who you can see living purposefully inside of it). The purpose of this pendant is not only to show you your true self and help you to elevate your consciousness by changing your perspective and seeing obstacles and issues in different ways, but also to help you to come to the realization of and fulfill your purpose and strengthen your powers, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Approximate measurements: 3.2" x 1.75" x 0.6"

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