The Master Key (Sold)

The Master Key (Sold)


A crystal exclusively mined in Tanzania, Tanzanite is a powerful crystal for spiritual awareness and increasing your energy level throughout the day. It helps one to focus on creating a brighter future while also helping them to fully appreciate life in the present. It helps one to develop trust in the universe and trust in other people, and works to raise the vibrations of one's thoughts to establish and maintain an optimistic mindset. It stimulates the pineal gland (Third Eye), deepening sleep and meditation. It also improves the immune system and is a powerful aid to cell regeneration.

The Master Key is a midsize pure copper pendant with Tanzanite imported from Tanzania. This pendant is in the shape of a key, with the Tanzanite being the sort of pineal gland within the brain at the top of this piece. It is a symbol that tells one to see their own pineal gland, within their own head, and the activation of it, as the key to happiness, health, and access into higher realms of life. This pendant acts as a key to the activation of the pineal gland by conducting the high vibration of the Tanzanite, which helps one to see through deception and discern right from wrong, as well as visualize and plan for the future in much more detail.

Approximate measurements: 3.5" x 0.9" x 0.9”

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