The Manifestation Clock (Sold)

The Manifestation Clock (Sold)


Green Tourmaline is a powerful activator of the Heart, teaching patience and encouraging the exercise of willpower. It strengthens the ability of manifestation and self-confidence through the attainment of self-knowledge. It also attracts abundance, often in the form of money. It serves to remind its wearer that pain is a teacher, and that everything happens as a part of their divine life path. It is helpful in strengthening romantic and platonic relationships. It improves the physical body's detoxification processes, empowering the lungs, liver, and kidneys.

The Manifestation Clock is a large pure copper orgonite pendant with polyester resin, a pure copper spiral, and Green Tourmaline imported from Pakistan. This piece is named The Manifestation Clock because of its ability to improve patience and manifestation capabilities. With this pendant, you will experience continually renewed inspiration for the attainment of your goals and dreams.

Approximate measurements: 3" x 2.7" x 0.8"

This design has been purchased. If you are interested in ordering a similar design to be custom crafted, please email

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