Extraterrestrial (Sold)

Extraterrestrial (Sold)

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Blue Sapphire carries a cool vibration, like a cool breeze on a tropical beach. Known as The Wisdom Stone, it aids the truth-seeker in finding the answers they are searching for. Its cooling sensation is very calming and allows the mind to focus on completing specific tasks for prolonged periods of time. It stiimulates the thyroid gland, facilitating self-expression through words and art. It also aids in repairing damaged or altered DNA. Its eye-healing properties are more needed than ever in today's society with everyone staring at harmful phone, computer, and TV screens. Its eye-healing properties also ensure you always get a good night's rest and have an easy wake-up in the morning.

Formed from the impact of a Meteorite, Tektite carries an extremely high vibration. It bridges gaps in communication between the physical and spiritual plane. It heightens discernment of higher knowledge from dreams and ancestral messages throughout your daily life and encourages the use of that knowledge for your benefit. Tektite is known to sustain balance between the male-female energies within the personality. It is excellent for improving blood circulation for exercise and muscle-building.

Herkimer Diamond is a very high vibrational crystal. It is a type of Quartz with a similar structure to Diamond, and it is a hardness of 8.5 which is right between Crystal Quartz (7) and Diamond (10). It is only found in Herkimer County in New York State. Holding or wearing Herkimer Diamond will have you feeling on top of the world. It infuses your aura with a sense of confidence and strengthens your willpower and self-control. Because it is a type of Quartz, it aligns the circadian rhythms so that your body's cycles are naturally realigned to those of the universe (cycles of the Earth, Moon, Sun, stars, etc.) allowing you to sleep, digest, and think according to these divine patterns. Herkimer Diamond also creates a powerful shield around you when journeying or undertaking spiritual work to protect you from negative energies. Its physical benefits include the correction of damaged DNA, healing of the throat and bronchitis, reduced physical stress, blood detoxification, and the gradual dissipation of insomnia.

Extraterrestrial is a middle-large size pure copper-wrapped orgonite ankh pendant with Blue Sapphire imported from Thailand, Indochinite Tektite, Herkimer Diamond from Herkimer County in New York, polyester resin, and copper-plated steel balls. This piece is named Extraterrestrial because the Tektite shard in it was formed from the impact of an extraterrestrial object, and because each crystal in this ankh emits a very high vibration. Wearing it will have you feeling like you are walking among the stars.

Approximate measurements: 3.5" x 1" x 0.5"

This design has been purchased. If you are interested in ordering a similar design to be custom crafted, please email growavy@growavy.com.

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