Rough and Smooth

Rough and Smooth


Lapis Lazuli is often known as the Truth Stone, as it encourages you to live truthfully in all aspects of your life, and aids in the translation of complex thoughts/emotions into accurate wording. It quells stage fright and builds confidence in public speaking. Activating the Third Eye, it enhances mental clarity, self-awareness, and psychic abilities. It is also a very strong emotional healer, rejuvenating the emotional body with positive energy after traumatic events, no matter how distant they occurred in the past.

Jade has been widely treasured and used for its spiritual, mental, and physical benefits for well over 6,000 years. Across all ancient civilizations, as well as modern ones, it has been known to act as a guide to the spiritual realm, aiding in astral travel and gaining knowledge of self. It emanates wisdom and tranquility, soothing feelings of anger and giving you a peaceful space in your mind to return to - a place which grows more familiar the more you return to it. It inspires imagination and creativity, and quickens the delivery of oxygen to the cells, improving short- and long-term memory and physical stamina. Jade is often green, but White Jade is very rare. White Jade is especially uplifting for the spirit and is a powerful aid to relieving stress in the muscles and joints.

Rough and Smooth is a large pure copper pendant with Lapis Lazuli imported from Brazil and White Jade imported from Myanmar. This pendant is an embodiment and reminder of the roughs and smooths of life, with the raw Lapis Lazuli symbolizing the roughness of life and the polished White Jade representing the smoothness of life. Its purpose is to remind one of the cycles of ups and downs in life; to encourage one during their rough times that the smooth times are soon to come, and to remind one during their “smooth” times, not to get too comfortable and to continue to prepare for the rough times ahead. This pendant includes a pure copper (3.2 mm) chain. Please include your desired chain length (18"-30") in the details section at checkout. Sizing is as follows: 18" XS, 20" S, 24" M, 28" L, 30" XL.

Approximate measurements: 2.9" x 1.8" x 1"

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