Rising Sun (Sold)

Rising Sun (Sold)


Tiger Eye was used in Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) statues as a representation of the divine vision and protection of Ra - the Sun, and universal energy. It dismantles fear and fills the heart with courage. It promotes independence and self-confidence. Tiger Eye relates spirit to every action taken in our world, stimulating your ability to manifest your most passionate desires. It is one of the crystals that aid Kundalini awakening.

Rising Sun is a midsize 14k gold-filled and pure copper-wrapped orgonite pendant with Tiger Eye imported from Brazil, a brass winged scarab, copper-plated steel balls, and polyester resin. This pendant includes a 30" long 2 mm 14k gold plated box chain (not pictured here - the 3 mm 18k gold-plated chain in this picture has sold). Please include your desired chain length (18"-30") in the details section at checkout.

Approximate measurements: 3" x 2.1" x 0.75"

This design has been purchased. If you are interested in ordering a similar design to be custom crafted, please email growavy@growavy.com.

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