Ladybug Armor (Sold)

Ladybug Armor (Sold)


Malachite specializes in opening the heart. Its gentle vibration of divine love aids in healing emotional trauma and brings a mentally soothing effect, especially during stressful times. It strengthens loyalty and honesty in relationships. It strengthens your drive to take action and make changes in your life where required. Physically, it strengthens the heart to better circulate blood throughout our body, healing internal organs and ensuring a consistent, restful sleep. Those possessing Malachite feel untouchable, while it strengthens your auric field, protecting you from negative thoughts and entities. 

Ladybug Armor is a pure copper ring with Malachite imported from South Africa. Have you ever noticed the confidence with which the ladybug walks? It is as if it knows it is protected - that it can go anywhere, on anything, and no one will touch it, because it’s a ladybug. This ring embodies this spiritual armor, and these sense of confidence, freedom, and protection. Wearing this ring, one will likely feel as if all of their ancestors suddenly rushed to their protection, and guarded them until negative influences or threats of danger are no longer present.

Size 9

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