Fern (Sold)

Fern (Sold)


Moldavite belongs to the Tektite family of minerals - a type of glass that is formed from superheated sand after the impact of a meteorite. Because Tektite is usually pitch black, Moldavite is the rarest and most expensive kind, due to its green color, transparency, and suitability for faceting. 
Moldavite gets its name from the town of Moldauthein in the Czech Republic, where it was first found. Moldavite deposits are also found in Southern and Northwestern Bohemia, Western Moravia, Lusatia (Germany) and Waldviertel (Austria). Moldavite is an extremely high vibrational crystal, aiding in connecting to higher vibrational beings and assisting astral projection. It also aids the elevation of consciousness to access the Akashic Records (library of all knowledge in the spiritual plane). Carrying the vibrations of the meteorite that formed it, it invigorates the body with energy all day long, giving you a sense of spiritual connection to your ancestors in every step of your journey. It is also a strong crystal for communication, giving you power in your voice and helping you to feel present and connected in conversation.

Fern is a 14k gold-filled Infinity Chain bracelet with Moldavite imported from the Czech Republic.

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