A Journey Through the Aether

A Journey Through the Aether


Atlantisite is an extremely rare crystal, only found on a small hilltop in the Zeehan district of Tasmania, Australia, named Stichtite Hill. Atlantisite is used mainly for finding peace within oneself and enhancing one’s sense of security. This is not only necessary for navigation within the physical realm, but in the spiritual realm as well. These senses of security, peace, and protection help one to travel into far deeper realms of spirituality within themselves and all creation. This crystal is also powerful for healing the Heart physically and emotionally, as well as cleansing the liver.

A crystal exclusively mined in Tanzania, Tanzanite is a powerful crystal for spiritual awareness and increasing your energy level throughout the day. It helps one to focus on creating a brighter future while also helping them to fully appreciate life in the present. It helps one to develop trust in the universe and trust in other people, and works to raise the vibrations of one's thoughts to establish and maintain an optimistic mindset. It stimulates the pineal gland (Third Eye), deepening sleep and meditation. It also improves the immune system and is a powerful aid to cell regeneration.

A Journey Through the Aether is a large pure copper pendant with Atlantisite imported from Australia and Tanzanite imported from Tanzania. This pendant can be worn, however because of its size and weight, most will find it more suitable to be hung from a structure in order to emanate its high-vibrational and cleansing energy throughout its surrounding environment, while one meditates or travels in the Astral realm. This pendant includes a pure copper Infinity Chain. Please include your desired chain length (18"-30") in the "details" section at checkout. Sizing is as follows: 14" XS, 20" S, 24" M, 28" L, 36" XL.

Approximate measurements: 5" x 3" x 2.5"

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