My name is Fortune. I am an energetic artisan; energy is my art. I will craft for you personally, a creation that not only perfectly reflects your personality and values, but that will also help you to make your dreams a reality, and here’s how. By positively affecting the very energy that composes your body down to the atomic level, the powerful crystals in my art raise the vibrations that affect your mood and health. Before I can make you a custom design, I need something from you: your intention. Each creation is a spiritual tool, whose purpose is to increase your focus in actualizing your specific intention. What positive change do you want to make to your life? Tell me, and I will form a design that can be worn on the body, whose vibrations will assist you in the fulfillment of your intention. Each creation is also designed to remind you of your intention whenever you look at it. As your body becomes attuned to its vibrations, your intention will manifest before your very eyes, much more quickly than you could ever imagine.