Have you ever wondered, “What if something terrible happens to my Growavy piece? What if I lose it, what if someone steals it, what if it gets run over by a car?”

Well - now you don’t have to worry about that.

Growavy Insurance covers damage and loss of your piece. When requesting a quote for a design, if you’d like insurance, mention that you’d like Insurance with your design. Insurance will then be factored into the price of your design, and your design will be delivered with a Growavy Insurance Certificate. If anything ever happens to your original design, to redeem your Insurance Certificate for a new replacement design, just email Fortune, he’ll take care of you - and your replacement design will be delivered to you in 1-3 weeks. Replacement designs carry a similar energy as the original, and are crafted with the same crystal(s) and metal(s). However, as each design is unique, a new replacement design is not the same as the original design - one can look at it as an “upgrade,” since it was made later in time, when the Jeweler had a higher level of skill.