Each handwritten insurance certificate is delivered with the design for which it was purchased. Details for each certificate are written on handmade paper in black fountain ink. Each certificate is stamped with the Growavy wax seal, and carefully placed into a black, wax-sealed, satin envelope.

One reason why a lot of people like Growavy Insurance is because it ensures that purchasing a Growavy piece is a sound investment - it preserves and increases the value of the piece as an asset. Another reason is because it carries a heartfelt message to your loved ones, having them know you went the extra mile to ensure they will benefit from what you gave them for the rest of their lives. It really shows you care about someone when you get them a Growavy piece with double insurance, and you’re able to say to them, “You can break this or lose this, and it will be replaced, and you can break it or lose it again, and it will be replaced again, and you won’t have to pay for it.” This ensures that the positive intentions and the love that you intended to pass to them through their Growavy piece will continue be manifested no matter what. It also ensures that Growavy designs can be passed down family trees for generations; even if the design you got for your daughter breaks 30 years from now, if she has insurance on her piece, Growavy will replace her design. It increases the longevity of your gift, as your loved one and their descendants will still be receiving the benefits of their gift long after you have given it to them, and even long after you have left this Earth. Therefore, the piece and the insurance serve as a means of preserving and increasing wealth: the design and the insurance are assets which appreciate at a higher rate than a normal piece of jewelry and jewelry from other brands - many of which do not appreciate in value at all, and many lose their value either quickly or over time.

Another benefit of insurance is that it saves you money in the long run, as the prices of pieces increase over time as the demand for Growavy increases. If you get a $5000 piece and you get Lost Insurance on it, insurance is $5000, now say your piece gets dropped in the ocean a year later, it might normally be $10,000 to get a similar piece made at that time. Or, say it gets stolen 5 years later - by then, a similar piece might cost $100,000 to make. But since you had insurance, you had peace of mind the whole time, and when something happened to your piece, you simply sent an email to and waited for your replacement, which came before you knew it. You didn’t have to pay anything when something happened to your piece, you saved a lot of money in the long run, and you got a brand new piece custom made whose financial, and possibly emotional value was much higher than that of the original piece. A double-benefit to the insurance is that the longer your design is kept in good condition, the greater your return on your investment is when you have your design replaced, and the more you’ll have saved overall when you have your design replaced, if anything happens to it. As if that weren’t enough, it also provides a return in the case that you come into financial hardship, or maybe you just need or want some extra money a few years from now and you want to sell your piece - your piece would have appreciated in value and its insurance policy would still work for anyone you sold it to, so you could likely sell it for much more than you paid for it. If someone wants to sell you a Growavy piece and they have an insurance certificate for it, you can call Growavy and verify that the insurance is still active by referencing the insurance certificate number. Once an insurance certificate has been redeemed, it is no longer active. However, after it is redeemed, more insurance certificates can be purchased for the same design.

Growavy offers two types of insurance: Damage Insurance and Lost Insurance. Damage Insurance provides a replacement if any damage occurs to the piece, and Lost Insurance provides a replacement if the piece is lost or stolen.* Damage Insurance is 80% of the design price and Lost Insurance is 100% of the design price.

To redeem your Damage Insurance, send a photo of your damaged design to, and you’ll receive a response stating that your new custom design will be sent to you within 1-3 weeks at no additional charge. To redeem your Lost Insurance, send an email to stating that your piece was lost, and you’ll receive a response stating that your new custom design will be sent to you within 1-3 weeks at no additional charge. If your insurance certificate is damaged or lost, your insurance will still be redeemable, as Growavy keeps a record of all insurance certificates. If you lost your insurance certificate and want to redeem it, email stating just that. Your insurance certificate will be recovered by either referencing your email address or your name, and you’ll receive a response stating that your new custom design will be sent to you within 1-3 weeks at no additional charge.

To purchase insurance, if you are using a desktop/laptop, you can go to the Growavy Shop or Growavy Elite Series by hovering your mouse over the Shop tab at the top of the page; if you are using a phone, you can tap the menu button at the top left of the page and select Shop, then select either Growavy Shop or Growavy Elite Series. From those pages, you can click on the pieces you like. When you reach the page for the design you like, above the “Add to Cart” button, there will be a menu for insurance; you can select the type of insurance you’d like from the menu and it will be automatically factored into the full price. Then you can add your piece with its insurance to your cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button; then you can go to your cart to continue checkout. The cart is located in the upper right of the page on a desktop or laptop, and is locked at the bottom of the page when using one’s phone. From your cart, you can press the checkout button, and pay for your insurance as well as your design through the checkout. To purchase more than double insurance (i.e. triple insurance, quadruple insurance, etc.), email stating that you want to purchase more than double insurance, and how many times you would like to purchase your insurance, and your insurance certificates will be in your hands in no time.

Growavy Insurance is different from the insurance used for shipments. In addition to offering Growavy Insurance, Growavy pays the United States Postal Service for insurance for each design that is shipped up to the full order amount. A store credit or full refund is offered to customers in the case that a design is lost in the mail - 100% of ordered designs have been shipped and delivered, with the company policy that packages must require a signature to be delivered.

*Replacements for damaged or lost pieces will not be exactly the same as the original ordered design which was damaged or lost, as no two pieces are exactly same, however the replacement design will carry the same energetic intentions as the original ordered design, and the overall design of the replacement design will likely look similar to the original ordered design with an upgraded feel.