How It Works

Everything is made up of energy, and energy vibrates in waves at different rates or frequencies. The frequencies of energy in our body determine our state of health. This is why consuming high vibrational foods like fruits and vegetables makes us healthier and low vibrational foods like pizza and cake worsen our health. Wearing energy art made with high vibrational crystals and conductive materials introduces high vibrations to your biomagnetic field, also known as your “aura.” Specifically, crystal vibrations improve your health by activating your Melanin.

Melanin is the chemical foundation to all of life and is found in every cell of the human body; it is what connects the spiritual realm to the physical realm. Melanin is an organic semiconductor - it stores and transmits energy. Melanin conducts electrical signals as thoughts, sensations, and instructions from the brain to the cells and back to the brain. If your body is healthy on a cellular level, it is healthy as a whole, and strengthening your Melanin is the key to achieving a high level of health. A low-vibrational person who has low levels of electricity or spiritual energy flowing through their body and biomagnetic field experiences depression, a lack of purpose, and a sense of disconnection from nature. A person with a high vibration – one who has a high level of energy flowing through their body and biomagnetic field – experiences happiness, a sense of purpose, and a sense of connection with nature. A high bodily vibration is a sign of healthy Melanin, and a low vibration is a sign of unhealthy Melanin, because Melanin is the conductor of life energy (electricity). The best ways to raise the vibrations, conductivity, and health of your Melanin is to live in balance and harmony with nature: to live with love and in truth, to think high-vibrational positive thoughts, to take care of yourself, others, and the Earth, and to pursue the fulfillment of your purpose in this life. When you introduce high-vibrational energy to Melanin, it grows stronger and more conductive. This is why introducing high vibrational crystals to your body strengthens your Melanin, and improves your health and life as a whole.

According to the scientific principle of resonance, when two vibrations meet, the lower must rise to meet the higher. If you are in a stressed or depressed state, the vibrations within the electromagnetic field of your crystal will be higher than that of your body, and the vibrations of your body will increase as a result of your interaction with the crystal. Increasing these vibrations within your biomagnetic field will also strengthen your Melanin, thus increasing the voltage of electricity flowing in your body and giving your organs more energy to function at a higher capacity. This is much like the boost of energy you experience after eating a healthy meal, because eating a healthy meal provides the same energetic effect - your Melanin grows stronger. By wearing crystals as energy art, you will feel full of energy all day long, because your crystal will continuously introduce high-vibrational energy into your biomagnetic field. In addition, the more you wear your crystal, the stronger and healthier your Melanin will be, and the more energy you will feel from your crystal because your Melanin will conduct the energy at a higher frequency.