1. How do I order an available Growavy piece?

    You can click here to shop available Growavy designs. Once you have found the piece(s) you feel are right for you and/or the loved one for whom you are looking to purchase the piece, click the “Add to Cart” button. The design(s) will then be added to your cart, which you can access by clicking in the the upper right hand corner of the page if you are browsing using a computer, or at the bottom of the screen if you are on your phone. From the cart, you can click the “Checkout” button to submit your payment and input any additional order details or referral codes. Once you have submitted your payment, please allow a 5-day processing period, after which the Growavy piece(s) you ordered will arrive in 2-3 business days if your address is in the US, and within 6-10 business days if your address is outside of the US.

  2. How do I order a custom Growavy piece?

    You can click here to start your custom order.

  3. How do I care for/polish my Growavy pieces?

    You can click here to view the recommended instructions for caring for your Growavy pieces.

  4. Why are a lot of the pieces made with copper?

    Copper is antibacterial, so it helps to prevent illnesses as well as help you heal from illnesses that you are currently dealing with. It is also a powerful energy conductor, so it connects the energetic vibrations of your crystal(s) to your body by conducting and amplifying your crystal(s) vibrations through your skin into your internal organs. The copper also allows the positive energy of the crystal(s) to be conducted into and through the air as well, helping to energetically cleanse your environment and uplift other people around you. Because it conducts and amplifies energy, copper improves the flow of things that carry energy, like your blood and your nerves. As a younger person, wearing copper is also very beneficial, as it can prevent the development of long-term illnesses later in life. It can also improve your overall health and give an extra energy boost when staying up late or working long hour days. If you are more advanced in years, wearing copper can help with arthritis and other joint pains, as well as improve the immune system by helping to regulate blood flow (especially during stressful times, when the body is thrown off of its natural cycles), and give you an extra boost of energy throughout the day. Copper also costs less than silver and gold because it is more common and oxidizes/darkens more quickly, so it serves as the perfect metal to be used for more widely affordable Growavy designs. Click here to learn more about how the energy works.

  5. What happens if my Growavy package gets stolen or lost in the mail?

    If your package is lost in the mail, what will happen next will depend on whether your piece was custom or previously available. If your piece was custom, another custom design will be crafted for you (at no extra cost) which will be similar to the original that you had ordered, and your new piece will be shipped out to you within 1-3 weeks. If your piece was previously available and you ordered it through this website, you will be given the choice of having a similar design crafted for you within 1-3 weeks at no extra charge, or receiving a store credit for the total amount of your previous order. Signature is required upon delivery for Growavy packages, minimizing the possibility of a stolen package. No Growavy packages have been lost in the mail.