Meet The Artisan

Fortune Master Artisan-42.jpg

As a master artisan, I love designing and handcrafting beautiful, rare and exclusive jewelry. I believe that jewelry can be more than mere fancy ornaments. Jewelry can help people to grow in strength and to enjoy a wave of positivity in their lives. This is why I founded “Growavy.”

What I’ve come to realize is that every person has a desire to live life well, or as I like to put it, every person has a desire to “vibrate higher.” When clients come to me, each has a need. Some clients simply seek rare, exclusive and beautiful art. Others seek wearable art that also assists in enhancing their health, personal energy and vibrations. As a master artisan and teacher of personal energies, I have the unusual gift of combining both elements for a unique experience. My creations are as varied as snowflakes. My logo on a jewelry or art piece indicates that the item is masterfully crafted using natural stones, quality materials and detailed finishing. Every crystal or gemstone is framed in a way that is a reflection of the beauty, intent and strength of the wearer, with the finished artistry being as unique as the stone or gem it highlights. Every stone is here for a reason, and my goal is to help everyone discover the purpose and benefits of these often overlooked abundant gifts.

My name is Fortune, and I hope you allow me to send you something breathtaking.