Meet The Artisan

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Fortune is a self-taught energy artisan. His mother is a Reiki master, and he grew up watching her use crystals to heal her clients' illnesses and pains. In his early adulthood, he began to research crystal energy and its scientific benefits, which led him to discover orgonite and the benefits of wearable crystal energy art. Orgonite is the layering of crystals and metals in a condensed matrix, usually resin, that funnels the energy of the crystals into the air and the body when held or worn. After purchasing some orgonite pieces and feeling their energy himself, he felt that everyone should benefit from this energy. He decided to dedicate his life to crafting and distributing energy art across the world and spreading his research on the benefits of crystal energy.

At 20, he decided to leave college, and invested his life savings in the founding of Growavy, and the tools and materials he needed to craft energy art. Since then, he has crafted hundreds of custom crystal designs in copper, silver, and gold. Growavy energy art continues to gain worldwide recognition and prestige for its message of positivity, unique personalization, and meticulous craftsmanship.

Fortune currently lives in his hometown of Boston, MA, and offers home crystal consultations exclusively in Boston.

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Fortune recognizes that there is a void in today’s jewelry. It is missing three things: love, intention, and creativity. Most jewelry today is made only to be sold and shown off by its owner. In ancient times, jewelry was designed by a passionate craftsman, for its owner to connect with their crystal on an intimate level. Jewelry was worn to gain health benefits and bring spiritual awakening in connecting with the divine. It was also worn to actualize a specific intention, for everything from improving willpower to treating illnesses. Instead of being manufactured in a factory, jewelry was custom made by hand, with no two pieces alike. Fortune believes that restoring this culture through Growavy energy art will help the people of the world to grow as individuals and as a collective consciousness.

Fortune is a practitioner of Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) culture. In Kemetic culture, each person is given a name that denotes the aspects of nature (Neteru) that they are best aligned with. Fortune's Kemetic name is Ptah, which means craftsman or creator. In Kemet (Ancient Egypt), craftsmen (Ptah) handcrafted jewelry, weaponry, statues, and architectural marvels with the utmost care and precision because it was their passion and life purpose. A Ptah would breathe life into his creations by performing The Opening of the Mouth Ceremony. Fortune continues his craft in the tradition of his ancestors by performing this ceremony on every custom design to infuse it with his life force. After the ceremony, the design is a living, breathing entity, and it forms a strong bond with its owner as would a loyal friend.


When asked in a recent interview by The Indigo School why it is important for him to craft custom designs, Fortune's answer was this:

“I see every custom design as a reflection of the beauty and strength of its owner, and I feel that seeing those reflections every day helps to create a more positive image of oneself. Because the crystals and metals in the designs naturally raise the vibrations of the body to improve all aspects of health, I truly feel that crafting a custom design is the greatest thing that I can do for someone.”

Each Growavy design is a spiritual tool, whose purpose is to improve your health and increase your focus in actualizing a specific intention. Based on your intention, Fortune will form a design that can be worn on the body, whose vibrations will assist you in the fulfillment of your intention. Each design is specially crafted to capture your personality and remind you of your intention whenever you look at it. As your body becomes attuned to its vibrations, your intention will manifest before your very eyes.