About Growavy

The Growavy Movement

Have you ever felt depressed, stressed, or tired because you haven’t been sleeping well? Crystals are here to help energize your body and make you feel better, and have been used by our ancestors for their numerous health benefits for thousands of years. The key to these health benefits is that the crystals actually raise the vibrations of your body, allowing you to Growavy. Growavy is a revolutionary movement and lifestyle led by young people who take advantage of crystal energy to benefit their lives on a daily basis. Wearing energy art is a powerfully stylish way to improve your health, and each crystal in energy art yields different benefits that elevate you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Growavy’s mission is to promote personal growth and world peace through energy art. To Growavy means to grow in all aspects by raising your energetic vibrations. The aim of Growavy is not only to improve health, but also to make the benefits of crystal energy common knowledge, so that everyone will know which crystals to use and how to use them to benefit their lives and maintain balance and peace in this world.


There are many environmental conditions that negatively affect our health today. There are toxins in our air, food, and water. There is also negativity in the media and negative vibrations from electronic devices that are all around us. Using crystal energy is an easy and immediate way to turn that negativity into positivity, and benefit your health both in the short and long term. As soon as you put on your energy art, you will feel better mentally as well as physically, and the energy will increase over time as your body will bond with your crystal(s). Because crystals are born from Mother Earth, wearing crystals every day is a spiritual way to ground yourself in nature and grow closer to your roots.

Many in the Growavy Movement affirm that, while wearing their energy art, they will always have a productive and enjoyable day, and that when they forget their energy art at home, negativity is much more likely to affect their day. When you raise your vibrations wearing energy art, negativity can no longer thrive in your life.